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Imaging devices see through sealants
May 6, 2009 -- Commercially available fluorescence-based imaging tools can help monitor caries progression even in teeth that have been treated with a sealant, according to researchers from Indiana University School of Dentistry.  Discuss
ADA names new executive director
May 5, 2009 -- The ADA has named Kathleen O'Loughlin, D.M.D., M.P.H., as its executive director and chief operating officer, effective June 1. Dr. O'Loughlin brings management experience and a background in theorizing about questions of access to care to the post.  Discuss
Low-concentration epinephrine equally effective
May 5, 2009 -- A 1:200,000 concentration of epinephrine anesthetizes patients just as well as a 1:100,000 concentration when used with articaine, researchers have concluded.  Discuss
FTC asks Louisiana to let dentists into schools
May 4, 2009 -- The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has stepped into the battle over mobile dentistry in Louisiana, urging state lawmakers not to ban private dentists from its schools. By reducing competition, the law would deprive needy children of access to care, the agency says.  Discuss
Better the boss or the friend?
May 4, 2009 -- Women dentists face some unique challenges compared to their male counterparts, especially when it comes to the idiosyncrasies of human resource management.  Discuss
New techniques may revive nonvital teeth
May 1, 2009 -- It's not often a dentist gets to raise something from the dead. But the resurrection -- technically known as revitalization -- of nonvital teeth is becoming a possibility thanks to regenerative endodontic techniques.  Discuss
Optimize SEO and watch your practice grow
April 30, 2009 -- You've got a Web site. But does anybody know about it? The right search engine optimization (SEO) strategy could make a big difference in your bottom line.  Discuss
Universities offer more nontenure tracks
April 29, 2009 -- New teaching opportunities are opening for dentists as U.S. universities struggle to retain faculty. Faced with a nationwide shortage, many schools are willing to bend their publish-or-perish rules.  Discuss
Cone-beam CT raises new issues for dentists
April 28, 2009 -- No one doubts the advantages 3D imaging devices bring to dental diagnostics. But the technology also raises some medicolegal concerns general dentists should consider.  Discuss
Electronic health records: Déjà vu all over again
April 27, 2009 -- When it comes to EHRs, the dental community has a key advantage over the medical community: lessons learned.  Discuss
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