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Study: Stone Age lifestyle helps periodontal health
July 6, 2009 -- When Swiss National Television proposed a reality show in which 10 people would live on a Stone Age diet -- and not brush their teeth for four weeks -- researchers at the Universities of Bern and Zürich jumped at the chance to study their teeth.  Discuss
Orange juice worse for teeth than bleaching
July 3, 2009 -- A new study has found that orange juice and other acidic fruit juices are more harmful to tooth enamel than hydrogen peroxide, the common ingredient in professional and over-the-counter teeth-whitening products.  Discuss
Rhode Island bans fee capping for uncovered procedures
July 2, 2009 -- A new law in Rhode Island prohibits insurance companies from setting the fees of dental procedures that they do not cover.  Discuss
U.S. grapples with mobile dentistry pros and cons
July 1, 2009 -- As Louisiana awaits Gov. Bobby Jindal's decision on a much-debated bill that would regulate school-based dentistry, the question of what kind of mobile dentistry should be allowed is likely to flare up again -- if not in Louisiana, then elsewhere in the U.S.  Discuss
OkayToKiss test targets bacterial source of bad breath
June 30, 2009 -- Tel Aviv University researchers have developed a pocket-sized breath test they say can detect malodorous bacteria in the mouth and alert people when their breath is less than socially desirable.  Discuss
Infiltration: A new approach to caries treatment
June 29, 2009 -- A new technique that bridges the gap between remineralization and restoration could do away with that age-old dilemma: Is it better to wait and watch or drill and fill?  Discuss
Selenium could help create new antibiotics for gum disease
June 26, 2009 -- The trace mineral selenium could be the key to developing a new line of antibiotics for bacteria that cause periodontal disease, according to researchers from the University of Central Florida.  Discuss
School dentistry bill headed for governor's desk
June 25, 2009 -- After a month of intense debate, the Louisiana Legislature has unanimously passed legislation that would regulate school-based dentistry. But the final bill falls far short of the near-total ban originally proposed by the Louisiana Dental Association.  Discuss
U.S. House bill mandates dental insurance for kids
June 24, 2009 -- In their first draft of legislation to overhaul the U.S. healthcare system, Democrats in the House of Representatives propose extending dental coverage to all children. But the House bill leaves out the Senate's proposal for midlevel providers.  Discuss
Align defends new Invisalign certification program
June 24, 2009 -- Align Technology has come under fire since announcing a new policy requiring that Invisalign-certified dentists must start at least 10 Invisalign cases and complete at least 10 Invisalign continuing education courses annually. But the company says the new policy is necessary to maintain brand integrity and ensure treatment outcomes.  Discuss
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