Is articulating paper the best tool for occlusal analysis?
September 8, 2009 -- Dental practitioners have long relied on articulating paper to determine occlusal contact. But some occlusion experts believe there is a better approach, especially when it comes to analyzing bite force and timing.  Discuss
Dentists abuse drugs differently
September 4, 2009 -- William Kane, D.D.S., of Dexter, MO, never thought he had a problem. He just liked the way he felt on diazepam ... then diazepam plus alcohol ... and then meperidine. It was only after a nearly fatal overdose that he finally faced up to his addiction.  Discuss
Laser-induced ultrasound: New caries detection tool?
September 3, 2009 -- Researchers from Australia and Taiwan have developed a new way to noninvasively analyze tooth enamel by measuring how the surface of a tooth responds to laser-generated acoustic waves.  Discuss
Amalgam foes seek to overturn FDA ruling
September 2, 2009 -- Opponents plan to formally petition the FDA this week to reconsider its July 28 guidelines for amalgam, part of a four-pronged approach by which they hope to eliminate the material from dentistry.  Discuss
Menopause creates additional oral health risks
September 1, 2009 -- A new study shows that postmenopausal women are more susceptible to periodontal disease and alveolar bone loss than at any other times in their lives. The question is why.  Discuss
AAID says implants are better than root canals
August 31, 2009 -- The debate over how best to care for diseased teeth heated up last week when the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID) issued a press release asserting that implants are more reliable than root canals.
Motivational interviewing can enhance oral health habits
August 28, 2009 -- Motivational interviewing can yield positive changes in oral health behavior in people with severe mental illness and may be useful for the general population as well, according to a new study.  Discuss
Articaine wins in mandibular infiltration study
August 27, 2009 -- Will mandibular infiltration ever replace the inferior alveolar nerve block? Researchers have been picking away at this question for years. An article in this month's Journal of the American Dental Association brought them another step closer to the answer.  Discuss
Jury: Pulled teeth worth $2 million
August 26, 2009 -- A South Carolina woman was awarded $2 million in damages after a jury found that a dental clinic in Florence had mistakenly removed all of her upper teeth.  Discuss
If looks could kill, would your appearance be DOA?
August 25, 2009 -- First impressions take only a few minutes to form and can be nearly impossible to undo. Even with the general acceptance of a more casual look in the workplace, how we dress and present ourselves remains important in determining the success of patient-clinician relationships.  Discuss
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