Prenatal vitamin D improves kids' dental health
August 16, 2019 -- Prenatal exposure to vitamin D may bolster children's dental health. The children of women who took high doses of vitamin D during pregnancy had fewer enamel defects at age 6 in a new study, published in JAMA Pediatrics.  Discuss
Socioeconomic, hygiene status predict kids' oral health
August 16, 2019 -- Pediatric patients' socioeconomic status, self-esteem, and oral hygiene habits all can help you predict their gingival health, according to a new study. The findings highlight the need for strategies to help improve oral health awareness and interventions.  Discuss
Review focuses on avoiding discoloration after regeneration
August 16, 2019 -- Regenerative endodontic procedures such as root canal revitalization can be successful, but tooth discoloration caused by the materials used may occur. Researchers reviewed the literature to see which materials could cause tooth discoloration and how to successfully avoid this issue.  Discuss
Black tooth stains may protect against caries
August 15, 2019 -- Black stains on primary and permanent teeth may protect against caries. A new review found patients with extrinsic black stains had fewer cavities than the general population. The authors hypothesized the difference could result from biological or nutritional factors.  Discuss
Tooth trouble linked to cognitive decline in Chinese adults
August 15, 2019 -- Researchers found a link between tooth symptoms and a decline in cognitive function among older Chinese adults in the U.S. This research suggests what dental community outreach programs should look for in these patients.  Discuss
Brexit contributing to U.K.'s dentist shortage
August 14, 2019 -- The U.K. has a shortage of dentists, and Brexit may be partly to blame. New data show the number of international dentists applying to practice in the U.K. has fallen sharply in the three years since the country voted to leave the European Union.  Discuss
Stem cells may be key to tooth repair in the future
August 14, 2019 -- Researchers have discovered a new population of stem cells that holds the possibility of innovative treatment solutions. Their findings may signal new directions in treating tooth decay, caries, and trauma in the future.  Discuss
Doctors find dentures in man's throat 8 days after surgery
August 13, 2019 -- Removable dentures got stuck in a 72-year-old man's throat during surgery to remove a benign lump. Doctors didn't find the false teeth until eight days later when the patient complained of pain, bleeding, and swallowing difficulties.  Discuss
Smartphone use puts kids at risk for dental injuries
August 13, 2019 -- Sports injuries and falls are common causes of traumatic dental injuries, but there are new additions to the list: smartphones and devices being dropped by children who are reclining. A new publication details which injuries you may see.  Discuss
New Anthem tool helps bridge the medical-dental divide
August 12, 2019 -- Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield has launched an online tool that gives dentists access to a patient's medical history and current prescriptions. The tool is the first step to better integrate dentists into Anthem's medical ecosystem.  Discuss
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