Unique gum cells may prevent perio disease in the future
October 8, 2019 -- Newly discovered sensory cells in gums that protect the mouth from infections that cause tissue and bone damage to teeth may be the answer to periodontitis prevention treatments in the future, according to new research.  Discuss
Do's and don'ts for increasing efficiency
October 7, 2019 -- Inefficient offices are breeding grounds for confusion and chaos. Practices must always look for ways to improve efficiency in every area. Those that do will decrease stress and increase revenue, Dr. Roger P. Levin writes in his latest Practice Success tip.  Discuss
Why you need to upgrade before the Windows 7 end of life
October 7, 2019 -- In all the discussion about protecting your practice from cyberattacks, one important factor is not being discussed: Many dental practices are still running Microsoft's Windows 7. With support for Windows 7 ending in January 2020, you should plan your operating system's transition now to keep your practice safe, advises Tom Terronez of Medix Dental IT.  Discuss
Dental patients may misreport preexisting conditions
October 4, 2019 -- Up to a third of dental patients do not accurately report their preexisting medical conditions, such as diabetes or high blood pressure, to clinicians, according to a new study. Treatment planning and patient outcomes may be affected without accurate information, the authors noted.  Discuss
Why knowing what's happening in your practice isn't enough: Part 2
October 4, 2019 -- If the first step in helping a patient is by asking them where it hurts, why shouldn't the same procedure apply to your practice? In the second of a two-part series, Curtis Marshall of Dental Intelligence focuses on how to improve your case acceptance and your morning huddle.  Discuss
Prophylactic antibiotics may cause serious side effects
October 3, 2019 -- Prophylactic antibiotics prescribed before dental procedures may cause serious adverse events, including allergic reactions requiring hospitalization and bacterial infections, according to new data presented on October 3 at the Infectious Diseases Society of America annual meeting (IDWeek 2019) in Washington, DC.  Discuss
Study links missing teeth to cardiovascular disease
October 3, 2019 -- Americans with no teeth were significantly more likely to also have cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of mortality in the U.S., than individuals who did not have any missing teeth, according to research presented on October 2 at the American College of Cardiology Middle East Conference 2019.  Discuss
7 methods to build an amazing team
October 3, 2019 -- Every practice owner wants an amazing team, but they often expect their team to come together without any effort. As Mike Monfredi, the practice manager at Monfredi Family Dentistry writes, great teams are made, not born. He offers seven steps you can take to build your team.  Discuss
The facts about dental cavitations
October 2, 2019 -- It seems to Dr. Alvin Danenberg that many patients are being diagnosed with dental cavitations in their jawbone. In his latest column, he details the definition of these cavitations, what to do about patients in pain from them, and what imaging modality is best for viewing.  Discuss
Study: Ultrasound tops CBCT in peri-implant bone imaging
October 2, 2019 -- Cone-beam CT (CBCT) is considered the gold standard for imaging peri-implant bone, but researchers wondered if another modality without the radiation dose might be more accurate. They tested CBCT against high-frequency ultrasound and reported a surprising conclusion.  Discuss
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