CDA Presents 2018: For healthy teeth, pick dark chocolate over crackers
September 6, 2018 -- SAN FRANCISCO - If you want healthy teeth, it may be better to opt for dark chocolate instead of crackers, according to a presentation at the California Dental Association's CDA Presents 2018 meeting on September 6.  Discuss
Associate pay, ownership lead small-group formation issues
September 6, 2018 -- Whether you are an associate in a practice that is being acquired or the doctor who is launching a small-group practice, two of the main issues to be negotiated are compensation and ownership. spoke with a lawyer experienced with small-group formations to provide some insight into these matters.  Discuss
What your patients don't know about stress might hurt them
September 5, 2018 -- Periodontist Dr. Alvin Danenberg notes that while there are many articles about stress, science had not until recently uncovered specifically how stress can cause damage to the gut. He explains how some newly published research can help you improve your patients' oral and overall health.  Discuss
Do's and don'ts for helping patients understand dental insurance
September 4, 2018 -- Dental insurance coverage is a source of anxiety for many people. Anything you can do to alleviate that anxiety is a win for the patient and the practice, notes Dr. Roger P. Levin in his latest Practice Success tip. When you solve a problem for patients, they remember it and will often tell their friends about the exceptional service they received at your practice.  Discuss
Study tests 2 zirconia materials for fracture resistance
September 4, 2018 -- The need for a stronger material for prosthetics led to the development of zirconia for crowns and fixed prosthetics. But how does this material hold up in wear and fracture tests? Researchers subjected two different monolithic zirconia materials to tests to find out.  Discuss
There is enough time in the day: Part 2 -- Clinical struggles
August 31, 2018 -- How often do you find yourself thinking that there aren't enough hours in the day? Practice management consultant Jen Butler has a way to fix that. In the second of a three-part series on how to create a productivity blueprint, she shares ways to overcome your clinical productivity backlogs.  Discuss
Dental distributors move to settle 2016 antitrust litigation
August 30, 2018 -- Benco Dental has announced the settlement in principle of a 2016 antitrust lawsuit that alleged price-fixing. The other defendants in the lawsuit, Henry Schein and Patterson Companies, stated separately that they have set aside millions of dollars in anticipation of the case being settled.  Discuss
Income, home ownership linked to dental visits
August 30, 2018 -- Adults who own a home and make more than $2,900 per month are nearly twice as likely to visit the dentist as those who do not own a home and earn less overall. These findings come from a new study that sought to evaluate how wealth correlates with dental health in the U.S.  Discuss
New guidelines recommend optimal number of opioids
August 29, 2018 -- How many opioids should you prescribe following dental surgery? It depends on the procedure, according to a panel of dental experts from Johns Hopkins University. They recently published new prescribing guidelines for 14 types of dental procedures.  Discuss
CDC study: U.S. HPV vaccine rate increasing 5% annually
August 29, 2018 -- The number of U.S. adolescents who have received the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine has increased five percentage points annually since 2013, according to a new report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  Discuss
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