Dentists report income dropping
May 26, 2009 -- An ADA survey finds many dentists pessimistic about their economic prospects these days; a majority reported a drop in income over the past year. But data from a group of dentists' accountants paints a very different picture.  Discuss
Maine law would require insurers to cover hygienists
May 22, 2009 -- Dental hygienists are already allowed to practice independently in the state of Maine. Now a new law could ensure them reimbursement from insurance companies.  Discuss
Pathology experts offer tips for diagnosing oral lesions
May 21, 2009 -- Oral lesions can often take the dental practitioner by surprise and challenge our day-to-day knowledge of oral pathology. Here are some easy-to-use tips for characterizing these lesions and boosting your diagnostic acumen.  Discuss
Louisiana school dentistry bill stalls
May 20, 2009 -- A bill to ban dentistry in Louisiana schools narrowly missed passage last week after an hour of heated debate on the floor of the state House of Representatives. The Legislature agreed to revisit the issue this week.  Discuss
Gum disease can lead to gestational diabetes
May 20, 2009 -- Pregnant women with periodontal disease may be at increased risk of developing gestational diabetes even if they don't smoke or drink, according to a study at New York University.  Discuss
Health reformers set sights on dentistry
May 19, 2009 -- After years of trying to stay out of government programs, organized dentistry is now working to be included in government healthcare programs. Could dentists finally become part of Medicare?  Discuss
Minn. passes midlevel provider law
May 18, 2009 -- Minnesota has become the first state in the U.S. to pass legislation allowing the licensing of midlevel oral health providers.  Discuss
Regulators eye link between denture cream and zinc toxicity
May 18, 2009 -- Regulatory authorities and dental associations are examining reports that overuse of zinc-based denture adhesives may cause neurological damage. While a direct causal link has not yet been established, dentists are being advised to counsel denture-wearing patients to ensure they aren't using too much adhesive.
Study finds no need to remove all caries
May 14, 2009 -- The notion of leaving infected tissue under a restoration goes against the grain for many dentists. But that's better than exposing dentin, according to a new study.  Discuss
Minnesota nears approval of midlevel providers
May 13, 2009 -- Minnesota dental professionals and legislators have reached a compromise in their debate over the creation of a dental therapist program that would help improve access to oral care for underserved populations across the state. With the compromise, Minnesota could become the first state in the U.S. to license dental therapists.  Discuss
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