Alternatives found to restoration replacement
April 7, 2009 -- You know that old restoration on Mrs. Smith's No. 4? The one that's coming loose at the margins? Instead of tearing it out and putting a new one in, maybe you should just seal over it. That's the suggestion a team of researchers made last week at the International Association for Dental Research meeting.  Discuss
Study links perio pathogens and heart disease
April 6, 2009 -- The presence of certain periodontal pathogens and the total amount of periodontal bacteria in a patient can indicate a risk of heart disease, according to a study presented Saturday at the International Association for Dental Research meeting in Miami.  Discuss
Study details downsides of brushing technique
April 3, 2009 -- MIAMI - Even if patients brush for three minutes, they barely touch some tooth surfaces, so dental professionals need to focus more on technique, a researcher from GlaxoSmithKline said Friday at the International Association for Dental Research meeting.  Discuss
Infrared light may help diagnose periodontitis
April 2, 2009 -- MIAMI - Infrared spectroscopy may be more helpful than probing in diagnosing periodontitis, according to University of Manitoba researchers who have invented a spectrometer for use in dental offices. They presented their research at the International Association for Dental Research meeting.  Discuss
Practitioners face challenges with office-based research
April 1, 2009 -- MIAMI - Academics around the world are running into big challenges as they try to get practicing dentists to do research, leaders of the effort said Wednesday at the International Association for Dental Research meeting.  Discuss
Study: Insurers' market power lowers dentists' income
April 1, 2009 -- Reimbursement rates are lower in areas where few insurance carriers are servicing a large population, which means less income for participating dentists, according to a recent study. But at least one dental carrier is taking exception to the study's findings.  Discuss
Digital impressions competition booming
March 31, 2009 -- Cerec has had command of the CAD/CAM impressions business for nearly 20 years, but the competition among intraoral scanner companies is beginning to heat up.  Discuss
IDS 2009 leaves dental industry smiling
March 30, 2009 -- COLOGNE, GERMANY - Despite turmoil in the worldwide economy, attendance and orders were up at the International Dental Show (IDS), 'the world's largest dental trade show.'  Discuss
Staff raises? This year? Absolutely
March 27, 2009 -- Yes, we're in a recession. And for many of us, those empty chairs are causing some sleepless nights. But rather than tightening our belts, now is the time to invest -- in our dental teams.  Discuss
Tissue-regeneration experts take on teeth
March 26, 2009 -- Regrowing bone and ligaments is challenging enough. Now tissue engineers and craniofacial biologists are working to sprout teeth from scratch too -- and they say success is only five to 10 years away.  Discuss
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