Wrigley and Cadbury clash over Recaldent gum
November 7, 2008 -- The Federal Trade Commission is reviewing a complaint by Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company that Cadbury USA does not have adequate evidence to back claims it has made in Trident Xtra Care gum ads about the oral benefits of Recaldent.  Discuss
Dentists should follow Paul McCartney's lead
November 6, 2008 -- Paul McCartney has passion for what he does and it shows in every way. Dentists should follow his example by being passionate about their profession and continuing to learn, says Dr. Helaine Smith in her column, The Mouth Physician.  Discuss
Dentists confused about NTI, says maker
November 5, 2008 -- Think you understand the NTI? Too many dentists don't, according to James Boyd, D.D.S., whose company sells the device. If you don't take the time to properly fit it to your patient, it can make matters worse, he says, a point that has eluded even some orofacial pain experts.  Discuss
Research networks bring clinical studies into the dental office
November 4, 2008 -- Some dental dilemmas are best solved in everyday practices rather than academic settings. This is what makes practice-based research so invaluable, according to a panel of experts at the recent ADA meeting.  Discuss
Guilt: The hidden reason patients quit
November 3, 2008 -- You can easily make patients feel so guilty they quit your practice, says marketing expert Richard Geller in his column, Marketing Madness. You may not even know you're doing it.  Discuss
How to get a high-tech office without breaking the bank: Part II
October 31, 2008 -- You don't have to be a millionaire to look like one. Sometimes all it takes is a little ingenuity and smart shopping. This same principle applies to building a high-tech dental practice for less than $10,000, according to Martin Jablow, D.M.D.  Discuss
Dentists must fight superhygienist law
October 30, 2008 -- By failing to block the creation of a "midlevel practitioner" in Minnesota, organized dentistry has allowed the profession to become degraded, says Dr. Helaine Smith in her column, The Mouth Physician. The law will exploit, rather than help, the underserved, she argues.  Discuss
Keep your patients safe: How to handle medical emergencies
October 30, 2008 -- If one of your patients has a life-threatening allergic reaction while in your office, are you prepared? Here are some tips from Stanley Malamed, D.D.S., a leading authority on emergency medicine in the dental office.  Discuss
Minnesota hammers out regulations for superhygienists
October 29, 2008 -- A Minnesota health task force is drafting regulations for a new class of oral health workers whose job description will likely lie somewhere between that of a hygienist and a dentist. A May law mandated the creation of an oral health practitioner in Minnesota by January 1, 2011.  Discuss
Christensen 'embarrassed' by U.S. dentistry
October 28, 2008 -- The granddad of U.S. dentistry is ashamed of his family. "What we do in America is embarrassing," Gordon Christensen, D.D.S., M.S., Ph.D., said at the ADA meeting in San Antonio this month.  Discuss
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