All-zirconia implants show promise
July 12, 2010 -- Two new studies on all-zirconia implants show these devices approaching -- but perhaps not yet attaining -- the durability of titanium.  Discuss
Chewing gum may relieve postwhitening sensitivity
July 9, 2010 -- Sugar-free chewing gum has been associated with oral benefits such as fighting caries. Now a new study has found that it can also help relieve tooth sensitivity after whitening.  Discuss
New CAD/CAM system challenges e.max
July 8, 2010 -- 3M ESPE claims its new Lava CAD/CAM system makes crowns more quickly than Ivoclar Vivadent's IPS e.max system and that the restorations will look better and last longer. Ivoclar Vivadent begs to differ.  Discuss
Cone-beam CT: A better diagnostic tool for sialoliths?
July 7, 2010 -- Ultrasonography and computed tomography (CT) may be the current methods of choice for detecting and assessing salivary stones, but a new study contends that cone-beam CT offers some distinct advantages.  Discuss
Clinic closures leave thousands without dental care
July 6, 2010 -- Funding shortages have forced the closure of two teaching clinics -- one in Florida, the other Louisiana -- leaving the working poor and those in need of emergency care with little access to affordable services and dental students without the opportunity to hone their skills in a clinical setting.  Discuss
Lengthy bleaching may reduce dentin fracture toughness
July 2, 2010 -- Enamel has long been the primary concern when it comes to worrying about bleaching-related damage. Now a new study has found that long stretches of bleaching may harm dentin too.  Discuss
Dental procedures auctioned on new websites
July 1, 2010 -- Going once, going twice, sold! A new implant for $999 to the patient with the missing second molar. That's more or less the vision behind two websites where patients can bid what they want for dental and medical services and pick the best offer from competing practices.  Discuss
The real economics of midlevel providers
June 30, 2010 -- Proponents contend that adopting midlevel providers into the oral healthcare delivery system will make dental services more affordable. But is that actually the case?  Discuss
Maine dentists allege unfair treatment by dental board
June 29, 2010 -- The Maine dental board has come under fire after several dentists testified recently that they've received unfair disciplinary treatment by the board, and some state officials say it's time for a change.  Discuss
ADA boosts campaign contributions
June 28, 2010 -- The ADA, already among the U.S.'s most active lobbying groups, significantly increased its contributions to political candidates beginning in 2008, public records show. And while no other dental organization gave as much, several ratcheted up their lobbying in the same time period.  Discuss
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