Relax young patients with 'tell, show, do'
February 10, 2010 -- Most kids don't come to your office the first time thinking you want to hurt them. Chances are, they don't know what to expect. But that uncertainty is what makes so many so nervous. This article and video explain how to use the "tell, show, do" technique to relieve their anxiety.  Discuss
Colo. dental school's policies scrutinized
February 9, 2010 -- The University of Colorado Denver School of Dental Medicine is tightening some of its policies following disclosures that seven dentists lacked required licenses and that prescriptions were being written using the Drug Enforcement Agency numbers of faculty who were not present.  Discuss
Studies show durability of ceramic resin crowns
February 8, 2010 -- New studies suggest ceramic resin crowns may be at least as durable as ceramic. They're also less expensive and gentle to the opposing dentition, one researcher says. So what are dentists waiting for?
AAOMR sports a new look
February 5, 2010 -- Under the tutelage of its newest president, Dr. Allan Farman, the American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology (AAOMR) is working to gain a higher profile with the public and within dentistry itself.  Discuss
What you might not know about teeth whiteners
February 4, 2010 -- BOSTON - White strips, whitening trays, paint-on whiteners ... a dizzying array of home teeth-whitening products are on the market. But there can be pitfalls on the path to aesthetic nirvana, and dental professionals can help patients avoid them -- if armed with the right information, according to a seminar at the recent Yankee Dental Congress.  Discuss
When dentists fear children
February 3, 2010 -- Even if they understand directions, toddlers often refuse to follow them. They squirm, cry, puke, and wet their pants during dental visits. So it's no wonder that many dental professionals don't want to deal with them. But distracting patients can go a long way toward ensuring cooperation. Here's how.  Discuss
Sargenti paste still widely used despite controversy
February 2, 2010 -- The FDA, ADA, and AAE do not condone it, nor do U.S. dental schools. Dozens of lawsuits have been filed by patients claiming permanent jaw damage and other debilitating side effects following its use. So why do dentists continue to use Sargenti paste for endodontic obturation?  Discuss
Adolescents' attitude before ortho surgery crucial to outcome
February 1, 2010 -- Young patients who are motivated about aesthetic changes and improved function before undergoing orthognathic surgery are more likely to be satisfied with the outcome, according to a study in the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics.  Discuss
Studies urge adding adult dental benefits to Medicare
January 29, 2010 -- With Americans generally living longer -- and keeping more teeth in the process -- what happens to their oral health after they retire, when they often require more dental care but have lost their dental coverage? A series of papers in the Journal of Public Health Dentistry suggests that Medicare is the answer.  Discuss
Germany grapples with age limits for dentists
January 28, 2010 -- A European Court of Justice ruling has reconciled a general ban on age discrimination with Germany's historic practice of setting age limits on state dentists. But the ruling leaves open the possibility that age limits could one day be imposed on all dentists in Germany.  Discuss
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