States take aim at discount dental plans
February 24, 2010 -- A number of U.S. states are cracking down on discount health plans that offer dental programs -- even though dentists have long used these plans to help fill empty chairs.  Discuss
Obama speaks out on dental care
February 23, 2010 -- Laying out his first detailed proposal for healthcare reform, U.S. President Barack Obama this week said that dental care should be exempted from a proposed tax on expensive health insurance packages. And in a Nevada forum, he hinted about his general views on dental care.  Discuss
Midlevel provider debate roils North Carolina
February 22, 2010 -- Alaska, Minnesota, Washington, Connecticut ... Will North Carolina be next? A dentist's proposal to start a midlevel dental care provider program in the Tar Heel State has touched off a heated debate in local newspapers and among state dental organizations.  Discuss
Helping in Haiti: An OMS' firsthand account
February 19, 2010 -- After 11 days in Port-au-Prince draining infections, fixing broken mandibles, and being escorted day and night by military personnel, oral and maxillofacial surgeon (OMS) Kanyon Keeney is glad to be home. But the work there is far from over.  Discuss
GlaxoSmithKline pulls zinc-based denture creams from market
February 18, 2010 -- Faced with dozens of lawsuits filed by consumers claiming they were harmed by Super PoliGrip and other denture adhesives that contain zinc, GlaxoSmithKline announced that it will stop manufacturing these products and replace them with zinc-free alternatives.  Discuss
Teen set to sue Colo. dental school and oral surgeon
February 18, 2010 -- A Colorado teenager who ended up in a pain clinic after having her third molars removed at the University of Colorado Denver School of Dental Medicine is preparing to take legal action against the school and the oral surgeon who operated on her without an active license.  Discuss
Virginia may ban fee caps on uncovered procedures
February 17, 2010 -- Two bills introduced by the Virginia Dental Association that could prevent insurance companies from capping fees for uncovered dental procedures are gaining traction in the state Legislature.  Discuss
Dentistry for babies: From basic hygiene to 'lap-to-lap'
February 17, 2010 -- If the ADA has its way, you may soon be seeing babies in your practice, and that could pose some tricky issues. Even a 3-year-old understands "Open your mouth." But what if your patient can't talk?  Discuss
Keys to the full-mouth restoration
February 16, 2010 -- Full-mouth restorations can prove a tough sell. Patients don't always want to spend $50,000 and undergo 30 hours of work. But dazzling photos can often clench the deal -- provided you do beautiful work. Here's how.  Discuss
Is the Diagnodent useful for pit-and-fissure caries?
February 15, 2010 -- The ability of laser fluorescence devices to aid in the early detection of occlusal and smooth surface caries has been well documented. But are these tools effective in determining the extent of pit-and-fissure caries, or can they lead to overtreatment?  Discuss
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