New x-ray software features tested
October 3, 2008 -- Using Logicon software, dentists can double or triple their accuracy in spotting subtle proximal caries, the company found in a new study. But one expert questioned the study's methodology.  Discuss
Mass. dental practices sued by state attorney general
October 1, 2008 -- Fifteen defendants have been named in a lawsuit that alleges low-income and underinsured patients were lured into a "bait and switch" scheme at three dental clinics that left them with incomplete or shoddy treatment and thousands of dollars of debt.  Discuss
Study questions effectiveness of oral cancer detection devices
September 30, 2008 -- A recent Journal of the American Dental Association study concluded that clinicians should rely on oral exams and tissue biopsies because there isn't enough data to prove that adjunctive cancer detection devices are effective. The manufacturers of these devices contend that the study was too limited in scope.  Discuss
Lack of antibiotics costs dentist $2.6 million
September 29, 2008 -- UPDATE: An Oklahoma jury has sided against Robert Morford, D.D.S., whose diabetic patient died after he extracted her tooth without prescribing antibiotics. But the jury found the patient's husband partially liable as well.  Discuss
OCT partners with spectroscopy for better caries detection
September 26, 2008 -- Optical coherence tomography (OCT) won't be commercially available to dentists until sometime next year, but it may be worth the wait. By combining it with spectroscopy, researchers hope to improve OCT's ability to detect dental decay sooner and more accurately.  Discuss
Crown lengthening pleases some patients
September 25, 2008 -- Dentists can make many patients happy by lengthening their crowns, according to James Kohner, D.D.S., a Scottsdale, AZ, periodontist who specializes in the procedure. But it's a tricky procedure, and requires a good understanding of biologic margin.  Discuss
Dento-Munch mimics mastication for materials research
September 24, 2008 -- Wear simulation has long been a staple of dental materials research. But a new robotic "chewing machine" that mimics human jaw motion in multiple dimensions could help manufacturers create more durable metals, polymers, and ceramics.  Discuss
Movie review: 'Ghost Town' stereotypes dentists
September 23, 2008 -- The opening scene of "Ghost Town," with its realistic images of a dental office, raised hopes this movie might, unlike most of its predecessors, accurately portray the profession. But sadly, the numerous stereotypes of dentists will cause more groans than laughs for those in the profession.  Discuss
Cardio issues are changing dentistry, expert says
September 22, 2008 -- Blood pressure cuffs? Yes. Amoxicillin? Not so much. Dentists must change the way they attend to their patients' cardiovascular health, according to oral medicine specialist Michael Siegel, D.D.S., M.S. The good news is that you can bill for your medical advice.  Discuss
7-year-old's death ruled an accident
September 19, 2008 -- Officials say the death of Jacqueline Martinez, who aspirated a tooth while it was being extracted by her dentist, was an accident. But some questions remain unanswered.  Discuss
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