CAMBRA meeting stresses need for common terminology
August 13, 2009 -- SAN FRANCISCO - Is "caries" an infectious disease process or another name for tooth decay? Is "cariology" really a component of "operative dentistry," as some dental educators seem to think? These were just some of the many issues debated during a meeting of the Western CAMBRA coalition this week.  Discuss
Dentists report income still dropping
August 12, 2009 -- For the fourth fiscal quarter in a row, about half of U.S. dentists surveyed by the ADA said their income had dropped from the previous quarter, suggesting that the recession is biting steadily into earnings.  Discuss
Why some dentists don't hire hygienists
August 11, 2009 -- Dentists who work full time, employ more administrative personnel, and have more operatories, longer appointments, and more income from private payers are also more likely to employ hygienists, a new study finds.  Discuss
Lawyer sues P&G over mouthwash stains
August 10, 2009 -- A Michigan lawyer has filed a class-action lawsuit against Procter & Gamble (P&G), claiming the company's Crest Pro-Health mouthwash is responsible for brown stains that developed on his teeth after he used most of a bottle.  Discuss
Researchers tout custom-made implants
August 10, 2009 -- Forget your one-size-fits-all, screw-in-place, run-of-the-mill implants. The artificial teeth of the future could very well be custom-made in the same shape as the natural teeth they replace.  Discuss
Treating halitosis: Help patients keep their breath fresh
August 7, 2009 -- Telling patients they have halitosis doesn't have to be a negative experience. In fact, the right approach is more likely to get them to take your advice.  Discuss
State audit cites Texas dental board shortcomings
August 6, 2009 -- A report released this week by the Texas State Auditor's Office takes the State Board of Dental Examiners to task for failing to adequately regulate dental licenses and keep the public informed of complaints.  Discuss
Aloe vera gel equal to toothpaste in battling caries
August 5, 2009 -- The aloe vera plant has a long history of healing power. Now researchers have found that aloe vera tooth gel is as effective as toothpaste for fighting tooth decay.  Discuss
Taking the risk out of treatment planning
August 4, 2009 -- Predictive risk management involves focusing not just on the problem at hand but the underlying reasons for it. If done correctly, your patients are likely to stay with you for a lifetime, says John Kois, D.M.D., M.S.D.  Discuss
Hyaluronate shows promise for TMJ osteoarthritis
August 3, 2009 -- Choosing the right treatment plan for temporomandibular joint (TMJ) osteoarthritis can, like the disorder itself, be a real pain. There's just no single approach that seems to work for everyone.  Discuss
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