Dentist and reviewer battle it out in court
March 18, 2009 -- The case of a Foster City, CA, dentist who is suing a patient's parents over a review they posted online is now in the hands of a California judge. At issue is whether the review crossed the line from discussing a topic of public interest to defamation.  Discuss
Are government-funded clinics the answer?
March 17, 2009 -- From the media to the ADA, there is a growing call to bring aid to underserved populations suffering from poor oral health. But so far no one has hit on the best way to provide real access to care, says Dr. Helaine Smith in The Mouth Physician.  Discuss
Can caries detection devices prompt overtreatment?
March 16, 2009 -- Numerous studies have shown the ability of caries detection tools to enhance the detection of occlusal lesions. New research suggests they can also trigger more aggressive treatment choices.  Discuss
How to ensure your IT services provider delivers on promises
March 12, 2009 -- While dentistry may not be one of the early adopters of digital technology, at some point every dental office will need to contract with an IT services provider. Michael Uretz, a 30-year IT veteran, offers some tips to help dental practitioners navigate these often tricky waters.  Discuss
Alternative latex hits the market
March 12, 2009 -- The familiar itching began in her right eye. Before long, writes Monica Anderson, D.D.S., she was wondering if latex allergy would send her to the emergency room for the second time in two months. Will the new guayule latex bring relief for Dr. Anderson and others like her?  Discuss
Yelp reviewer defends against dentist's lawsuit
March 11, 2009 -- A Foster City, CA, dentist's lawsuit against an online reviewer has turned into a debate about amalgam, nitrous oxide, canceled appointments, and how they all relate to the First Amendment.  Discuss
Family awarded $10 million for oral surgery death
March 11, 2009 -- A New Jersey jury ruled last week that a Perth Amboy oral surgeon committed medical malpractice when he removed the wisdom teeth of a patient who had a known immune disorder and later died.  Discuss
Could videotaping replace note taking?
March 10, 2009 -- Now that we've dispensed with paper, perhaps the next technology to disappear will be writing itself. That's the futuristic possibility being offered in the present by Nizar Mansour, D.D.S., M.S., a Michigan dentist who develops technologies for dentists on the side.  Discuss
Biofilms, beware!
March 9, 2009 -- Keeping the oral cavity bacteria-free before, during, and after a root canal is critical to successful, long-lasting outcomes, noted Robert Goldberg, D.D.S., an endodontic specialist, at the recent Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting. Here's what he recommends.  Discuss
Sound and light changes can ease kids' fears at dental visits
March 6, 2009 -- A trip to the dentist can make even the most easy-going child nervous. A new study suggests that altering the sensory environment in the office -- particularly sound and lighting -- can considerably lower kids' anxiety.  Discuss
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