Reline, rebase, or remake: The denture dilemma
December 10, 2009 -- It's 4 p.m. on a Friday and Mr. Smith has just stormed in demanding another "adjustment" of his eight-year-old dentures. You've repeatedly recommended new, implant-retained overdentures, but he says he can't afford them. What's a doctor to do? Read More
Dental stem cells regrow jaw bone
December 9, 2009 -- In what is being hailed as a critical step forward in the development of clinical applications involving dental stem cells, an Italian team for the first time has successfully utilized dental pulp stem cells to regenerate mandible bone in human subjects. Read More
Bottled water may increase risk of early childhood caries
December 9, 2009 -- Bottled water already receives much flak because of its contributions to global environmental waste issues. Now a new study finds it may also be contributing to poor oral heath in some children. Read More
What are hygienists really thinking?
December 8, 2009 -- In an online survey conducted by Lanmark Group, some 300 dental hygienists revealed what they love and hate most about their profession -- and the dentists and patients they work with. Read More
Dental groups battle over therapists for Native Americans
December 7, 2009 -- Organized dentistry in the U.S. has split over proposed legislation that would prevent Alaska's dental health aid therapist (DHAT) program from expanding to American Indian health programs in the other 49 states. Read More
ADA asks FDA to classify teeth-bleaching chemicals
December 4, 2009 -- The debate over the regulation -- or lack thereof -- of teeth-whitening products heated up last month when the ADA petitioned the FDA to begin classifying bleaching chemicals. Read More
Hemodialysis patients need extra TLC
December 3, 2009 -- With kidney disease rates on the rise -- and a parallel presence of severe periodontitis in those with end-stage renal disease -- dental professionals should familiarize themselves with the challenges of patients on hemodialysis. Read More
'Botax' could apply to cosmetic dentistry
December 2, 2009 -- A proposed 5% tax on cosmetic procedures included in the healthcare reform bills being debated by the U.S. Senate has legislative experts puzzling over how it might apply to dentistry. Read More
With implants, a little 'zap' will do you
December 1, 2009 -- Lasers can reduce bacterial contamination and speed healing after implant surgery, according to a presentation at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. Read More
Study finds Medicaid doesn't help kids' teeth
November 30, 2009 -- True or false: If Medicaid were expanded to cover more children, their oral health would improve. If you answered "true," think again. A new study found that kids who are covered by Medicaid are no more likely to have healthy teeth than kids who aren't. Read More
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