Critics fault research on calcium phosphate products
August 28, 2008 -- You can get it as a prophy paste or a toothpaste, a gum or a rinse. Nearly a score of calcium phosphate products are jostling for position on store shelves and the hearts of dentists across the U.S. But a growing chorus of researchers says the evidence so far doesn't support the claims.  Discuss
Solar power saves energy -- and money -- for dentists
August 27, 2008 -- Given the high cost of oil and electricity, solar power has become an increasingly attractive energy source for small businesses. Some dental practices are finding it pays off in other ways, too.  Discuss
Laser reseller accuses Biolase of coercion
August 25, 2008 -- National Laser Technology (NLT) -- which claims to be the largest reseller of Biolase products in the world -- is suing Biolase, claiming the company is trying to put NLT out of business by threatening dentists who consider buying products from NLT.  Discuss
Feds bust importers of fake toothpaste
August 23, 2008 -- Two New York firms have plead guilty to importing tons of counterfeit Colgate toothpaste with poisonous ingredients. The toothpaste, medanufactured in China, contained both diethylene glycol -- a notoriously toxic food additive -- and potentially dangerous microorganisms, investigators said.  Discuss
Forensic dentistry plays critical role in disaster recovery
August 22, 2008 -- Most days, Stuart Alexander, D.M.D., can be found at his New Jersey practice, doing what any other dentist does. But when disaster strikes he closes the office, packs a bag, and heads out to perform the difficult task of identifying victim remains.  Discuss
Dentistry and depression: Part II -- How to cope
August 21, 2008 -- Performing complicated procedures on anxious patients in a small, confined space can take its toll. Add financial pressures, government regulations, and the threat of malpractice suits, and it's no wonder dentists have the reputation of committing suicide at a higher rate than any other profession. In part II of this series, learn how to effectively cope with depression and stress -- and when to seek help.  Discuss
Dentistry and depression: Part I -- Are dentists more suicidal?
August 20, 2008 -- Conventional wisdom says that dentists are more likely to commit suicide than members of any other profession. The notion is entrenched in our popular culture, even making its way into an episode of "Seinfeld." But the truth is more complicated, say researchers from the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.  Discuss
Dentists offer help in gymnasts' age controversy
August 19, 2008 -- Olympic gymnastics regulations lack teeth -- literally, according to some U.S. dentists. They argue that a panoramic x-ray could show whether Chinese gymnasts are old enough to participate in the competition.  Discuss
New bacteria could help battle tooth decay
August 19, 2008 -- British researchers have discovered a new species of bacteria that could aid in the development of better prevention methods and treatment of oral diseases.  Discuss
Dentist probes true cause of Babe Ruth's death
August 18, 2008 -- For decades historians have believed that baseball legend Babe Ruth died of throat cancer brought on by years of tobacco and alcohol abuse. Turns out the real culprit was a rare form of genetically based carcinoma that is often misdiagnosed.  Discuss
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