The 7 most expensive words in your practice
July 6, 2016 -- As a private-practice owner, you are ultimately responsible for the profitability of your business. And yet there are seven words that might be costing you up to $400,000 in revenue each year, writes Scheduling Institute President Jay Geier. Find out what those words are and how to banish them from your vocabulary.  Discuss
3 reasons why your associate isn't producing
July 5, 2016 -- After a long process, you've hired an associate for your practice. Congratulations! But what happens when the grace period ends and practice income isn't where you think it should be? Corinne Jameson-Kuehl, RDH, offers three reasons why your associate may not be producing and advises what you can do to change the situation.  Discuss
Study: Are full-arch scans as accurate as plaster models?
July 5, 2016 -- If the results of an intraoral full-arch scan were as accurate as those from a plaster model, which would you use? Researchers from an orthodontics department in South Korea addressed that question, and their results may surprise you.  Discuss
Dos and don'ts for patient management: Make it easy for patients to become active again
July 4, 2016 -- Patients who stopped coming to your practice for regular appointments may, in fact, be ready to come back if prompted. Make the effort to contact inactive patients, and give them reason to come in for an appointment. You'll be able to return a high proportion of them to your active patient base, according to Dr. Roger P. Levin.  Discuss
IADR study: Can applying SDF annually stop root caries?
July 1, 2016 -- Is there a treatment that could arrest caries without traditional drilling and filling? According to a study presented at the recent International Association for Dental Research (IADR) meeting in Seoul, South Korea, there is: silver diamine fluoride (SDF).  Discuss
New sedation guidelines emphasize patient safety
June 30, 2016 -- Do you provide sedation for your pediatric patients? If so, do you have the skills to rescue a child with apnea, laryngospasm, or airway obstruction? Two pediatric healthcare organizations have come together to offer new practice guidelines that may alter how you approach sedation of pediatric patients.  Discuss
New CE courses tackle opioid misuse and HIV
June 30, 2016 -- Two presentations from the 2016 Connecticut State Dental Association (CSDA) annual meeting are now available as continuing education (CE) videos. Topics include opioid misuse and the HIV care continuum, and other CSDA presentations from previous years are also available.  Discuss
An inside look at rural dentistry
June 29, 2016 -- Have you ever wondered what it's like to practice dentistry in a rural community? Remya Niranjan, DDS, gives us an inside look at what it's like to be a dentist in a California farming town.  Discuss
Sheri's Solutions: Not on the schedule
June 29, 2016 -- "I don't see that appointment on my schedule." Your team has probably heard that one before -- sometimes from the same patient more than once. In her latest Sheri's Solutions, Dr. Sheri B. Doniger takes a deep breath and outlines how her office handles these patients.  Discuss
IADR study: Is gingivitis likely in pregnant women?
June 28, 2016 -- Women who are pregnant are likely to have moderate to severe gingivitis and may need regular care to maintain their oral health, according to a new study presented on June 23 at the International Association for Dental Research general session in Seoul, South Korea.  Discuss
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