How to flip your perspective on feedback
November 18, 2020 -- As a dental coach and a basketball coach, consultant Lynne Leggett has seen the difference between giving feedback to team members on a daily basis versus an irregular basis. What if we gave feedback in the dental practice the same way it is given on a basketball court? She explains what that means and how it could benefit your team.  Discuss
ADA responds to claim that HIV spreads via toothbrush sharing
November 17, 2020 -- The head of an independent charity in the U.K. has been criticized after claiming that a person can get HIV by sharing an infected person's toothbrush, though the virus is not spread through saliva, according to news reports.  Discuss
How to keep political peace within your practice
November 17, 2020 -- Anxieties and conflict can be a challenge in the best of times. When you add a highly charged political environment and rising COVID-19 numbers to the mix, you have the potential for problems in your dental practice. What can you do to ensure political beliefs don't split your team apart? Jill Meyer-Lippert, RDH, offers some advice that could help.  Discuss
Why this dentist believes so strongly in minimally invasive dentistry
November 17, 2020 -- Dr. Troy Schmedding has built a practice focused on minimally invasive dentistry. In this interview, we talk about what it took to get his team on board and why he believes more dentists should be focused on saving tooth structure. He also discusses why he believes minimally invasive dentistry offers dentists an "exit strategy" with their patients.  Discuss
Could this giant tooth have prehistoric origins?
November 16, 2020 -- A woman hunting for shark teeth recently discovered a tooth about the size of a human palm on Hunting Island in South Carolina. She believes the tooth belonged to the prehistoric megalodon shark, according to news reports.  Discuss
How dental savings plans benefit patients and practices
November 16, 2020 -- With unemployment numbers increasing in the U.S., more and more dental patients are losing their insurance. Dental savings plans could be a lifeline for those patients, benefiting their oral health while keeping your practice from losing them as patients. We chatted with Jenn Stoll of about trends in this area as we move closer to 2021.  Discuss
Do's and don'ts for handling stress
November 16, 2020 -- Dentistry is a rewarding profession, but there are days when it can be quite stressful, especially now. If you aren't careful, it will simply wear you down. How you deal with the stress can make or break your practice, writes Dr. Roger P. Levin.  Discuss
Some Calif. counties require dental teams to get flu vaccine
November 13, 2020 -- About one-sixth of the counties in California have ordered healthcare workers, including dental professionals, to get vaccinated for influenza, according to information from county health departments.  Discuss
How dental professionals can capitalize on side businesses
November 13, 2020 -- Whether it's a team member who has seen his or her hours cut or a dentist who is pursuing a passion outside of dentistry, Chris Panebianco is seeing more dental professionals examine the financial opportunities a side business can bring. He offers some money-themed thoughts on the subject as people continue to plan for what the new year might bring.  Discuss
Looking for the opportunities that are disguised as work
November 13, 2020 -- Spurred by the memories of past Veterans Days and the dentistry he and his team have donated to veterans, Dr. David Rice, clinical editor for, discusses how giving back to the community has brought his team closer together and even boosted the bottom line of his business.  Discuss
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