Kids and candy: Don't be a Halloween Grinch
October 30, 2007 -- It's that time of year again. But you don't have to be the Grinch that stole Halloween.  Discuss
Delta Dental expands coverage
October 30, 2007 -- Delta Dental Insurance Company and Delta Dental of Pennsylvania recently announced that they are adding additional cleanings and oral exams for pregnant women, and implant coverage to their standard programs.  Discuss
Xylitol gum to the rescue!
October 29, 2007 -- SAN FRANCISCO -- Chomping away on gum has never been a charming habit, but now we have a legitimate medical excuse for it. That's according to John W. Shaner D.M.D., M.S., Associate Professor at the Creighton University Medical Center School of Dentistry. He argues that xylitol- and sorbitol-based gums are so effective at fighting caries that dentists should be handing them out like... well, candy.  Discuss
ADEA plans to diversify dentists
October 29, 2007 -- The American Dental Education Association (ADEA) announced this month it had received a $550,457 grant to encourage people from African-American, poor, and other underrepresented groups to become dentists.  Discuss
The end of cavities? Part II
October 26, 2007 -- A new preventive approach could mean patients get far fewer cavities--and dentists make less money from restorations. Can you make up the loss by attracting more patients?  Discuss
Caries prevention: New legal standards?
October 26, 2007 -- A new manifesto from dental schools across the nation could ultimately increase dentists' liability for preventing cavities.  Discuss
Science journals take on poverty
October 25, 2007 -- The Council of Science Editors (CSE) organized a Global Theme Issue on poverty and human development on Oct. 22, with 235 science journals from 37 countries simultaneously publishing more than 750 articles on the topic.  Discuss
Study: Cancer treatment causes caries
October 25, 2007 -- Radiation therapy for thyroid cancer can cause long-term dental disease, researchers at the University Hospital in Basel Switzerland report in this month's Journal of Nuclear Medicine.  Discuss
Cosmetic confidential
October 23, 2007 -- The dark truth behind those bright smiles  Discuss
OPINION: Dear New York Times: The answer isn't more dentists
October 23, 2007 -- In all the heated debate about the New York Times' recent controversial piece, "Boom Times for U.S. Dentists, But Not for Americans' Teeth," some basic history and economic realities have been ignored.  Discuss
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