Former Biolase managers launch new company
February 26, 2008 -- Two former members of Biolase Technology's management have formed a new company called Technology4Medicine, which offers a range of laser products and related technology.  Discuss
Cadent's iTero now scans full arch
February 26, 2008 -- Cadent has announced that its iTero digital impression system can now scan a full arch, allowing dentists to use it for a wider range of cosmetic and restorative procedures.  Discuss
The 'Four Seasons' practice
February 25, 2008 -- It's no longer enough to offer great dentistry. You've got to offer great customer service as well. Here's how a number of practices across the U.S. made the move.  Discuss
ADEA to Senate: Show us the money!
February 22, 2008 -- Dental schools can't afford to hire professors, students can't afford to serve the poor, and millions of Americans do not have access to dental care, American Dental Education Association (ADEA) president James Q. Swift D.D.S. told a Senate Committee last week.  Discuss
Aribex releases new handheld x-ray unit
February 21, 2008 -- Aribex, a producer of handheld x-ray products, has unveiled its latest offering -- the Nomad Pro.  Discuss
Are supplements endangering your patients?
February 20, 2008 -- Patients are treating themselves with more and more herbs, vitamins, and minerals, unaware that these substances can complicate dental procedures.  Discuss
AMT and SheerVision enter into sales partnership
February 19, 2008 -- American Medical Technologies Inc. (AMT) has entered into a sales partnership with SheerVision Inc., a provider of advanced proprietary surgical loupes and LED head light systems. AMT will provide sales service and support functions to promote SheerVision's FireFly head light system in international markets.  Discuss
General anesthesia safe for special needs patients
February 19, 2008 -- Is it safe to administer general anesthesia to special needs patients undergoing dental procedures? The answer is yes, according to a new study in Anesthesia Progress.  Discuss
The candidates speak: Dentistry takes a back seat
February 15, 2008 -- Healthcare looms large in the primaries, with most candidates claiming they’ll help uninsured Americans. But no candidate has taken a clear position on helping the uninsured pay for dentistry.  Discuss
BSML offers cheaper faster veneers
February 14, 2008 -- BSML, Inc., a provider of teeth whitening systems, has released a new veneer product called BriteVeneers.  Discuss
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