Gender plays a role in risk for certain oral diseases
August 30, 2010 -- For women, it's caries. For men, periodontal disease. Two recent studies attempt to explain the genetic differences that account for gender-specific predispositions to certain oral diseases.  Discuss
Cone-beam CT rises to the challenge in implantology
August 27, 2010 -- With its ability to create 3D images that contain key anatomical and morphological details, cone-beam CT is emerging as the standard of care for implant treatment planning and placement.  Discuss
What sets dental coaching apart?
August 26, 2010 -- "Coaching" has been a buzzword in business for at least a decade, and more recently has been used by dental consultants and others to attract dentists to their services. But there is a huge difference between professional coaching and regular coaching.  Discuss
Computerized process streamlines dental bar fabrication
August 25, 2010 -- Prosthodontists may one day have an easier, less costly way to create dental bars, thanks to a new invention that entirely digitizes and automates the process.  Discuss
Pediatrician referrals influence younger kids' dental visits
August 24, 2010 -- Parents of 2- to 5-year-olds are nearly three times more likely to take their child to the dentist if the child's physician recommends it than if no such recommendation is made, according to a study in Pediatrics.  Discuss
Two states, two perspectives on new workforce models
August 23, 2010 -- The Georgia and Michigan dental associations have each released white papers outlining their recommendations for resolving access-to-care issues in their respective states, and the midlevel provider model is once again at the forefront of the debate.  Discuss
Endodontic images enhance forensic IDs
August 20, 2010 -- Post-treatment endodontic images can significantly enhance post-mortem forensic identification, according to a report in the Australian Endodontic Journal. But the quality of the forensic work depends in large part on the quality of the ante-mortem radiographs obtained by general dentists.  Discuss
Anesthesia training model aids dental students
August 19, 2010 -- Can a sophisticated plastic model of the teeth, gums, and oral cavity help dental students learn to give local anesthesia injections with less pain and greater success? A study by Dutch dentistry professors suggests it can.  Discuss
NYU dental students help victims of torture
August 18, 2010 -- A unique program at the New York University College of Dentistry is designed to help victims of torture from around the world overcome extreme anxiety and fear when undergoing dental treatment. Patients and practitioners alike say it has changed their lives.  Discuss
Flowable composites: The unsung heroes of bonding
August 17, 2010 -- Once thought to be a passing fad, flowable composites have become a versatile workhorse in aesthetic dental procedures.  Discuss
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