Moms with more kids have worse oral health
August 2, 2010 -- Women who have four or more children have more than three times as many untreated dental caries as women with fewer children, further evidence that childbearing is related to oral disease, according to a new study.  Discuss
Did VA mishandle equipment sterilization breach?
July 30, 2010 -- Four of the more than 1,800 U.S. veterans who were potentially exposed to infectious diseases at a St. Louis Veterans Affairs (VA) dental clinic have now tested positive for hepatitis, and lawmakers are questioning the agency's handling of the matter.  Discuss
Website puts dental humor in the spotlight
July 29, 2010 -- A trio of young dentists has launched, an online multimedia resource that embraces the public's obsession with poking fun at the dental world.  Discuss
Is dentistry ready for diagnostic ultrasound?
July 28, 2010 -- While ultrasound has long been a diagnostic standard in medicine, it has yet to play the same role in dentistry. Is this all about to change?  Discuss
New irrigants improve root canal therapy
July 27, 2010 -- While high-tech files have garnered much of the limelight, advances in irrigation compounds should not be ignored when it comes to making root canal therapy more reliable.  Discuss
Austin Group, Boston Group talk midlevel providers
July 26, 2010 -- As the ADA House of Delegates prepares to confront the issue of midlevel providers at the association's annual meeting in October, two regional groups are working to help individual states examine their options.  Discuss
Older patients' oral health critical prior to surgery
July 23, 2010 -- Elderly patients presenting for surgery may harbor undetected oral infections that could lead to life-threatening complications, making preoperative oral assessments of this vulnerable population imperative.  Discuss
Does finite element analysis improve third-molar assessment?
July 22, 2010 -- Despite the availability of numerous diagnostic tools, dental practitioners continue to face challenges when it comes to determining whether to perform third-molar extractions. Can a software algorithm designed to enhance cone-beam CT imaging help?  Discuss
Study: Adolescents with braces need not fear teasing
July 21, 2010 -- Contrary to popular perceptions, adolescents do not make social judgments about their peers purely on the basis of the presence of a fixed appliance, U.K. researchers report. Have orthodontic treatments become more accepted among teens?  Discuss
Is your office copier a HIPAA security risk?
July 20, 2010 -- The lowly office copy machine can be a treasure trove of data vulnerable to identity theft. Healthcare providers are scrambling to shut this security hole following reports of patient data found on copiers discarded by medical facilities.  Discuss
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