Cone-beam CT raises new issues for dentists
April 28, 2009 -- No one doubts the advantages 3D imaging devices bring to dental diagnostics. But the technology also raises some medicolegal concerns general dentists should consider. Read More
Electronic health records: Déjà vu all over again
April 27, 2009 -- When it comes to EHRs, the dental community has a key advantage over the medical community: lessons learned. Read More
Study: Room for improvement in oral cancer exams
April 24, 2009 -- Dentists do not spend enough time counseling patients on oral cancer risk factors, while physicians lag behind in conducting oral cancer exams, according to a new study in the Journal of the American Dental Association. Read More
IDS 2009: Small companies offer big surprises
April 23, 2009 -- With more than 1,800 exhibitors from 57 countries, it is not surprising that the International Dental Show in Germany last month served as the launching pad for dozens of new and innovative dental products. Read More
Calif. to ax Medicaid adult dental benefits
April 22, 2009 -- Millions of indigent patients in California will lose access to dental care starting July 1 unless the state restores its Medicaid dental program for adults. Read More
Sedation mix-up sends high school senior to ICU
April 21, 2009 -- After a dental patient in Lawrence, KS, was given the wrong mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide, the oral surgeon whose office the incident occurred in claims the city does not have adequate inspection criteria in place for medical gas lines. Read More
Dentists must comply with new U.S. identity theft rules
April 21, 2009 -- Despite strong opposition from the ADA and other U.S. medical associations, dentists will be required to comply with the so-called "Red Flags" identity theft rules that take effect May 1. Read More
Prophylactic third-molar extractions: The risks outweigh the benefits
April 20, 2009 -- Writing in response to Dr. Helaine Smith's recent column on third-molar extractions, Dr. Jay Friedman argues that dentists should use scientific, not anecdotal, evidence before deciding to remove wisdom teeth. Read More
Ad campaign targets midlevel provider legislation
April 17, 2009 -- Concerned about public safety, the Minnesota Dental Association has launched a statewide ad campaign to raise awareness of the midlevel dental practitioner legislation that is headed for a vote in the state senate. Do the ads tell the whole story? Read More
New dental floss trials reported
April 16, 2009 -- Johnson & Johnson this month released studies suggesting that its new Reach Ultraclean floss removes more plaque than Glide and Oral-B floss. Johnson & Johnson is promoting the product's stretchiness and microgrooves. Read More
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