Imaging offers perspective on third-molar extractions
April 25, 2018 -- When considering whether to extract an impacted third molar, imaging might help guide your treatment decision. Researchers studied almost 1,200 clinical images of impacted third molars and came to some surprising conclusions about when extraction was appropriate.  Discuss
3 types of patients who hurt your practice
April 25, 2018 -- The success of your practice depends on your clinical skill but also on the ability to attract and keep patients, writes practice management consultant Sally McKenzie. But how do you handle patients who are late to pay, who don't make oral healthcare a priority, and who don't become repeat customers? Her latest column offers some practical ideas.  Discuss
The future looks bright for 3D-printed dentures
April 24, 2018 -- Less expensive but good-enough 3D-printed dentures will be a reality in the near future, according to a presentation at the 3DHeals 3D printing conference in San Francisco. Improving technologies are making denture production quicker and simpler.  Discuss
Study: Oral hygiene can aid heart attack recovery
April 24, 2018 -- Can good oral hygiene help your patients recover from a heart attack? The same bacteria that cause periodontitis also inhibited blood vessel healing in a study presented at the recent Frontiers in CardioVascular Biology congress.  Discuss
The future is now: Part 2 -- VR in the dental clinic
April 23, 2018 -- The dental clinic may be the perfect place to test two of the greatest, therapeutic capabilities of virtual reality (VR): the ability to reduce pain and mitigate fear. Find out how one dentist is using VR headsets in his clinic to transform the traditional dentist visit.  Discuss
Barriers to 3D printing falling
April 23, 2018 -- With the advent of 3D printers that cost less than $5,000, one of the biggest barriers for general dental practices to use this technology has fallen, according to a presentation at the 3DHeals 3D printing conference in San Francisco on April 20.  Discuss
Do's and don'ts for feedback: Use compliments and complaints to improve your practice
April 23, 2018 -- Both positive and negative feedback can help you to improve your practice. While receiving patient complaints is never fun, they can help alert you to mistakes that you may not be aware of. Be sure to use all feedback to your advantage in creating the best experience for your patients, advises Dr. Roger P. Levin.  Discuss
The future is now: Part 1 -- VR is poised to revolutionize dentistry
April 20, 2018 -- Ready dentist one? Virtual reality (VR) is poised to change the way dentists learn, practice, and interact with patients. See how this technology is taking hold in schools and clinic -- it may change the dental clinic experience sooner than you think.  Discuss
What are the consequences of early first-molar extraction?
April 20, 2018 -- What factors should dentists consider before extracting a badly decayed first permanent molar in a child, and what are the consequences of removing or restoring it? Since there's no clear consensus among practitioners, researchers turned to the literature for answers.  Discuss
New report ranks kids' dental health in U.S. states
April 19, 2018 -- Which U.S. states are the best and the worst for children's dental and overall health? An April 18 report from a personal finance website has a surprising answer to which state is ranked the best for dental health for children.  Discuss
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