Looking for the opportunities that are disguised as work
November 13, 2020 -- Spurred by the memories of past Veterans Days and the dentistry he and his team have donated to veterans, Dr. David Rice, clinical editor for, discusses how giving back to the community has brought his team closer together and even boosted the bottom line of his business.  Discuss
Managing patient conflicts: How to stay out of trouble
November 12, 2020 -- Your patient seemed happy when he or she left the operatory. However, after a few days, the person's attitude has changed and you're getting a phone call or seeing an unhappy post on social media. How can this be prevented? What can you do after it happens? Dr. Teresa Yang offers tips and advice.  Discuss
There may be a way to eat sugar-laced yogurt without dental harm
November 12, 2020 -- Adding a common anti-tooth decay milk product to processed yogurt not only prevents enamel demineralization but also repairs lesions on the harder outer layer of teeth, according to a study published in the December issue of the Journal of Dentistry.  Discuss
Ask the Dentrix Expert: How do I produce our year-end reports?
November 12, 2020 -- With the end of the year quickly approaching, now is the best time to start thinking about what reports you will need to measure your practice's financial success over the past 12 months. How do you run those reports using your Dentrix practice management software? Dayna Johnson, a certified Dentrix trainer and founder of, offers some ideas and advice.  Discuss
Did you know there's a rare tumor that mimics periodontitis?
November 11, 2020 -- An oral surgeon diagnosed and treated a teen with a rare vascular tumor in her mouth after a dentist and periodontist improperly treated her for periodontitis for two years. Details of the case were published on November 6 in BMC Oral Health.  Discuss
Thoughts on honoring the veterans in your patient base
November 11, 2020 -- As people in the U.S. mark Veterans Day, we ask dental practices what they know about the veterans who are part of their patient base. Is your dental practice doing enough to recognize them -- both as veterans and as your loyal customers?  Discuss
The top 7 reasons dental insurance claims are rejected
November 11, 2020 -- Now more than ever, it is important to submit complete and correct insurance claims, writes Steve Roberts. In this article, he provides seven common reasons why your dental practice's claims might be getting rejected and some steps you can take to expedite approval and payment.  Discuss
What could be the latest link between SARS-CoV-2 and oral lesions?
November 10, 2020 -- In addition to oral lesions being an early sign of COVID-19, infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus may trigger the late onset of secondary ulcers in patients, according to a letter to the editor published on November 1 in Oral Diseases.  Discuss
What to know about starting a DSO with other dentists
November 10, 2020 -- What happens when dentists who own a number of dental practices want to join forces and contribute those practices to a startup dental service organization (DSO) that they will own together? Bruce Bryen, CPA, CVA, details the many steps involved when dentists want to start their own DSO and they are contributing substantial assets in the form of noncash contributions, such as their own dental practices.  Discuss
Podcast: Let's talk about codeine and pain control for your patients
November 10, 2020 -- Codeine is often viewed as a good alternative for pain control for your patients, but what do you really need to know about it and what health risks should you keep in mind? Tom Viola, RPh, shares his thoughts on what you and your team need to know about codeine in this short podcast.  Discuss
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