How to flag ailing peri-implant tissue before it's too late
June 6, 2018 -- Peri-implant tissue quality has typically been evaluated in a binary fashion -- either an implant is failing or it's not. But a method that focuses on peri-implant tissue stability and detects early signs of deterioration could be useful. Enter the peri-implant tissue score, a long-term monitoring tool designed for general dental practices.  Discuss
Sheri's Solutions: Practice transitions and patients
June 6, 2018 -- When a small, private practice is sold to a group practice, adjustments are needed on all sides, writes Dr. Sheri Doniger in her latest Sheri's Solutions column. Dr. Doniger uses the example of time allotted to existing and new patients for appointments to illustrate the need for communication to ensure excellent patient care.  Discuss
3 reasons why your patients don't show up
June 5, 2018 -- You'll never completely eliminate broken appointments, but you can take certain steps to significantly reduce them in your practice, writes practice management consultant Sally McKenzie. But first you have to understand why broken appointments are a problem. She shares three reasons why your patients might not show up and offers practical steps you can take to make it more likely they will keep their appointments.  Discuss
Can ultrasound imaging impact implant dentistry?
June 5, 2018 -- Successful implant treatment requires imaging at all three treatment phases: planning, surgery, and follow-up. As ultrasound is a promising but not widely studied imaging modality for dental implants, researchers reviewed the literature and found it may have clinical application.  Discuss
Do's and don'ts for budgeting: Develop a comprehensive budget
June 4, 2018 -- As the practice leader, you need to track your overhead and production numbers. Remember, you are the CEO of your practice, so it is up to you to know how your practice is progressing toward its profitability goals. To create a viable budget, analyze past performance and evaluate how it relates to your practice's potential, advises Dr. Roger P. Levin.  Discuss
Study: Stronger link between periodontitis and diabetes in men
June 4, 2018 -- Are men and women with type 2 diabetes just as likely to have periodontal disease? Periodontitis and type 2 diabetes share a connection, but men and women are diagnosed with them at different rates, so investigators sought to determine whether there was a link.  Discuss
2 questions may accurately identify oral health problems
June 1, 2018 -- A simple, two-question survey appears to accurately identify adults with oral health problems, according to researchers from New York. The survey may be the first step to helping nondental providers refer high-risk adults to dentists for proper evaluation.  Discuss
Study: U.S. opioid deaths increased 300% from 2001 to 2016
June 1, 2018 -- In the latest research to quantify the opioid epidemic in the U.S., researchers found that opioid-related deaths increased by more than 300% over a 15-year period. The researchers also reported that men accounted for two-thirds of all opioid-related deaths in 2016.  Discuss
Why aren't perio risk assessment tools more widely used?
May 31, 2018 -- Dental practitioners in solo and small group practices don't widely use periodontal disease risk assessment tools even though they say they're open to using them, according to a new study. Researchers delved into the reasons why and provided recommendations for overcoming barriers to their use.  Discuss
How a rural community united to reduce childhood caries
May 30, 2018 -- Collaboration may be the key to improving the oral health of young children. Dental professionals from rural Oklahoma discussed how they partnered with outside organizations to dramatically reduce the rate of early childhood caries in a Healthy People 2020 webinar on May 24.  Discuss
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