Multispectral screening takes on oral cancer
March 4, 2009 -- One more knight has sallied forth against the biggest dragon in dentistry: oral cancer. Unlike its competitors, the new Identafi 3000 by Trimira uses three colors of light to detect the deadly disease.  Discuss
Michigan law would bar sex offenders from practicing again
March 3, 2009 -- Two Michigan lawmakers have introduced legislation that would prevent dentists and other healthcare providers convicted of criminal sexual conduct from being able to regain their license to practice in the state.  Discuss
Common sense can keep your patients safe
March 2, 2009 -- Drug overdose. Choking. Allergies. Anxiety. By ignoring the common hazards of their profession, many dentists are putting their patients at risk. That's the warning from Stanley Malamed, D.D.S.  Discuss
New impression material chemistry touted
February 27, 2009 -- CHICAGO - Two new impression materials work better than competing products in the wet environment of the human mouth, their maker claimed in a press conference Friday at the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting.  Discuss
Christensen: Self-etch is better than total etch
February 26, 2009 -- CHICAGO - The granddaddy of U.S. dentists weighs in on bonding systems, glass ionomers, fiber posts, and other "Controversies in Restorations" at the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting.  Discuss
Teeth-whitening kiosks face legal trouble in Alabama
February 26, 2009 -- Alabama is the latest state to take a stand on who can and cannot perform office-based bleaching. A court has ruled that teeth whitening offered in beauty parlors and other commercial settings constitutes the practice of dentistry and thus should be licensed.  Discuss
New law expands U.S. government role in dentistry
February 25, 2009 -- An expansion of the Children's Health Insurance Program will pour millions of federal dollars into oral healthcare for children. But along with the money comes new government scrutiny of dental care -- which could open the door to superhygienists.  Discuss
Research links stress and depression with gum disease
February 24, 2009 -- When it comes to gum disease, smoking, diabetes, and genetics are some of the usual suspects. Now a new study confirms that stress and depression may be culprits as well.  Discuss
U.S. stimulus bill a tease for dentistry
February 23, 2009 -- The U.S. government plans to hand out billions of dollars in incentives to healthcare providers who adopt electronic health records between now and 2015. Unfortunately, dentists aren't included.  Discuss
It takes more than a weekend
February 20, 2009 -- Proper education and training are becoming increasingly imperative as general dentists add to their practices procedures formerly confined to the realm of specialists. As Dr. Helaine Smith says in her latest column, sometimes you have to ask yourself: If I were in the dental chair, would I be OK with this?  Discuss
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