Christensen finds Cerec mills faster than E4D
October 30, 2009 -- Cerec MCXL in-office mills make restorations faster, while E4D Dentist makes them stronger, according to a study in Gordon Christensen's Clinician's Report newsletter.  Discuss
3D for endodontics: Avoiding surprises 'down under'
October 29, 2009 -- Cone beam CT images offer greater insight into vital issues that can affect the course of endodontic treatment, enhancing patient confidence and loyalty in the process.  Discuss
Midlevel providers: Is Washington next?
October 28, 2009 -- Will the state of Washington be the second in the U.S. to adopt a midlevel provider model? Two dental associations there are moving in that direction -- but with quite different approaches.  Discuss
Psychology gets patients to brush better
October 27, 2009 -- Telling patients to take better care of their teeth can seem about as effective as lecturing to an empty chair. But a study published in the October 2009 Journal of Dental Research suggests that behavioral techniques worked out by psychologists can make a difference.  Discuss
Saliva tests for perio disease detection hit U.S. market
October 26, 2009 -- OralDNA Labs recently introduced two tests to the North American market that use saliva to detect periodontal disease. These protocols have been used for a number of years in Europe, but the company claims to be the first to make them commercially available in the U.S.  Discuss
Budget preparation: It's that time of year
October 23, 2009 -- What is one of the most hated tasks business owners face this time of year? Preparing next year's budget. But doing it -- and using it -- can yield all kinds of benefits for your practice.  Discuss
Jury finds for plaintiff in first Zometa/ONJ lawsuit
October 22, 2009 -- A Montana jury awarded $3.2 million to a woman who claimed the drug Zometa was to blame for her osteonecrosis of the jaw (ONJ). The verdict could set a precedent for hundreds of similar cases pending against the manufacturers of bisphosphonate-based products.  Discuss
A bright future for oral and maxillofacial surgery?
October 21, 2009 -- TORONTO - Oral surgeons need to adapt quickly to new technologies and be proactive in healthcare reform if they are to successfully maneuver the challenges facing their field, according to a symposium at the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons meeting last week.  Discuss
Making a business case for quality dental care
October 20, 2009 -- It's time for patients to become part of the dental care equation and for dentists to make sure this happens, said former U.S. Surgeon General Richard Carmona at the Institute for Oral Health conference on quality care last week. If patients shopping for dental care understand its importance, they will drive quality and cost, he said.  Discuss
Patient's death blamed on dental Medicaid cuts
October 19, 2009 -- A Michigan woman with severe periodontitis died this month because the state eliminated adult dental Medicaid benefits, according to the director of a chain of clinics that attempted to arrange her treatment.  Discuss
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