Minn. passes midlevel provider law
May 18, 2009 -- Minnesota has become the first state in the U.S. to pass legislation allowing the licensing of midlevel oral health providers. Read More
Regulators eye link between denture cream and zinc toxicity
May 18, 2009 -- Regulatory authorities and dental associations are examining reports that overuse of zinc-based denture adhesives may cause neurological damage. While a direct causal link has not yet been established, dentists are being advised to counsel denture-wearing patients to ensure they aren't using too much adhesive. Read More
Study finds no need to remove all caries
May 14, 2009 -- The notion of leaving infected tissue under a restoration goes against the grain for many dentists. But that's better than exposing dentin, according to a new study. Read More
Minnesota nears approval of midlevel providers
May 13, 2009 -- Minnesota dental professionals and legislators have reached a compromise in their debate over the creation of a dental therapist program that would help improve access to oral care for underserved populations across the state. With the compromise, Minnesota could become the first state in the U.S. to license dental therapists. Read More
Louisiana school dentistry bill passes in committee
May 12, 2009 -- A bill to ban dentistry in Louisiana schools passed today in the state's House Health and Welfare Committee but with new amendments that make exceptions for underserved areas. Read More
How technology changed my life
May 12, 2009 -- A veteran dental hygienist recounts the many ways her workdays have become easier -- and her bottom line healthier -- thanks to advances in dental materials, imaging devices, practice management software, and hygiene equipment. Read More
Spray zealots, beware!
May 11, 2009 -- Overuse of disinfectant sprays can launch masses of aerosols into the air, prompting headaches, dermatitis, coughing, and eye irritation, according to an infection-control expert. Read More
Are amalgam's days numbered?
May 8, 2009 -- A recent shift in the U.S. government's position on mercury is rekindling the debate over the future of dental amalgam. Read More
Study: Malnutrition can prompt gum disease
May 7, 2009 -- Previous research has shown a link between obesity and periodontal disease. Now a new study has found that malnutrition can cause similar damage. Read More
Imaging devices see through sealants
May 6, 2009 -- Commercially available fluorescence-based imaging tools can help monitor caries progression even in teeth that have been treated with a sealant, according to researchers from Indiana University School of Dentistry. Read More
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