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Buyer's Guide Update - - June 23, 2009

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In this edition of the DrBicuspid Buyer's Guide Update, we present two of the most fundamental components of a dental practitioner's armamentarium: scalers and handpieces.

Looking for the latest in ultrasonic and endodontic scalers? How about a comprehensive listing of handpieces from your favorite suppliers? Browse the more than 140 scalers and 60 handpieces listed in the DrBicuspid Buyer's Guide. Shop and compare, even write a review!

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Tools and Instruments
Handpieces and Motors (View all 144 Products Here)
MicroChoice Elite Medium Speed
High-torque, medium-speed drill with hand and foot control pedals, indicated for orthopedics and other bone resection applications.

MicroChoice Elite High Speed
High-speed, low-torque air handpiece indicated for use in orthopedics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, and other hard bone resection applications.

Spee Reducer Handpiece
16:1 speed-reducing stainless steel straight-nose handpiece designed for electric and air-driven motors.

Motor EL 1
Sirona Dental Systems
Freely rotating electric motor with wide speed range and a maximum torque of 2.9 Ncm.

SiroTorque L
Sirona Dental Systems
Modular electric motor control unit box, with adjustably sensitive foot pedal, designed to work with existing air and water supplies. Connects to all four-hole tubing.

Sirona Dental Systems
Electronic root canal preparation unit with post-mountable swivelling arm system. Compatible with all standard nickel-titanium file systems as well as with steel files.

Meditorque I
Medidenta International
Autoclavable color-coded slow-speed air turbine handpiece and motor with fully variable speed range of 0 to 20,000 rpm.

Medidenta International
Low-speed handpiece indicated for caries removal at 1,250 rpm, porcelain and composite polishing at 5,000 rpm, pin replacements, and post preparation.

Air King Fiber Optic Handpiece
Medidenta International
Autoclavable high-speed handpiece with shadow-free, twin-beam fiber-optic illumination.

4:1 Reduction Contra Angle
Lares Research
4:1 speed-reducing contra-angle handpiece with quick head disconnect feature.

Push Button Endodontic Head
Lares Research
Push-button endodontic head attachment with speed range of 0 to 5,000 rpm.

Signet 20E Package
KaVo Dental
Nonoptic low-speed and cellular optic high-speed handpiece collection with 181-K motor.

IntraSurg 300
KaVo Dental
Self-calibrating surgical handpiece unit with foot pedal control for use with any implant system.

KaVo Dental
Ergonomic, air-driven low-speed handpiece for prophy work. No couplers or additional motors required.

Lubrina Handpiece Maintenance
J. Morita USA
Fully automatic handpiece maintenance unit for cleaning, purging, and lubrication for up to four handpieces.

Tri Auto ZX Cordless
J. Morita USA
Cordless endodontic handpiece with built-in apex locator for monitoring root canal, and three automatic functions including start/stop, apical reverse, and torque reverse.

TwinPower Turbines
J. Morita USA
Air turbine-powered high-speed handpieces with three drive air nozzles and secondary impeller design.

Modular Angle System
Dentsply Professional
A full line of interchangeable low-speed attachments for use with Midwest Shorty or Rhino handpieces.

NuTorque Electric System
DentalEZ Group
Programmable electric handpiece motor system with titanium housing constructed attachments.

Solara Series
DentalEZ Group
Solid titanium high speed handpieces available in miniature (10.5 mm) and standard (12.5 mm) head sizes.

Ex Series Straight
Brasseler USA Dental Instrumentation
Direct drive and 4:1 speed-reducing straight handpieces with clean head design and bur run-out of less than 0.02 mm.

Ex Series Endodontic
Brasseler USA Dental Instrumentation
Low-speed contra-angle handpieces with external water spray and push-button chuck.

PM 1:1
Bien Air Dental
Nonlighting, direct ratio, vibration-free handpiece with ball bearing mounting system for shaft and gear system.

Diamline CA 1:1
Bien Air Dental
Direct ratio type contra-angle handpiece with internal spray cooling and push-button chuck system.

Doriot Style
High-speed aluminum air handpiece with twist release bur check.

Mont Blanc 20:1 Reduction Contra
High-speed, stainless steel surgical handpieces with ball bearing construction. Available in latch-head design model.

Trend AC-20RM
Endodontic low-speed handpiece motor for use with 904 Roto-Quick and Trend series attachments.

Synea HA-43LT Straight Attachment
High speed, 1:1 straight handpiece attachment for chairside extraoral adjustments and lab work with 25,000 lux fused glass optics. Also available in nonlighted model.

Spee Electric Motor
Electric motor with foot pedal, digital torque, and speed control.

Endo-Eze AET
Ultradent Products
4:1 speed-reducing endodontic handpiece featuring reciprocating contra-angle with push-button collet and internal water spray cooling. Also available as separate attachment.

Midwest Stylus
Dentsply Professional
High-speed stainless steel handpiece. Also available in EasyCare model made with factory-lubricated ball bearings. Available in lightweight and miniature head models.

Discus Dental
Cordless high-speed handpiece with lithium ion battery. 110- and 220-volt models available.

O'Hehir New Millenium Curettes
Paradise Dental Technologies
Re-engineered to debride with any motion.

H5-L5 Scaler/Curette
Paradise Dental Technologies
One end is a typical sickle for deposit removal and interproximal access. The other end is a Langer 5 curette, a double-sided universal curette for use in the anterior lingual region.

SP Newtron Ultrasonic
Piezoelectric ultrasonic scaler for applications in endodontics, retreatment, surgery, and more.

SP Newtron Ultrasonic LED
Piezoelectric ultrasonic scaler with built-in autoclavable LED lighting for multiple applications. Integrates with A-dec 500, Cascade, and Radius delivery systems.

Dual-Handpiece Turbo 25-30 Scaler
Magnetostrictive ultrasonic scaler with water line system, high-power button, foot pedal turbo boost, and optional medication/irrigation accessory unit. Indicated for periodontal scaling.

Swivel Ultrasonic Inserts
Ultrasonic scaler insert with swivel design for greater freedom of movement.

Protege LED Ultrasonic Inserts
Discus Dental
Magnetostrictive ultrasonic scaler inserts.

Pro-Select Platinum Scaler
Piezoelectric ultrasonic scaler with three-bottle heated irrigation system and LED handpiece light. Indicated for periodontal scaling and root planing.

Ultrasonic scaler with water line system, indicated for periodontal work.

Piezoelectric ultrasonic scaler with line water system, high-power button, and five-year warranty.

Medidenta International
Air-powered ultrasonic scaler with two- or four-hole air-driven attachment, indicated for periodontal scaling.

Piezoquattro s
Mectron Medical Technology
Piezoelectric ultrasonic scaler with four preset power levels and line water system.

Symmetry IQ
Piezoelectric ultrasonic scaler indicated for scaling, restorative, and endodontic work.

Cavitron SPS
Dentsply International
Ultrasonic scaler with optional DualSelect reservoir, indicated for periodontal work.

Dentsply International
25-kHz ultrasonic scaler indicated for periodontal work.

Delsonic 2000
Piezoelectric ultrasonic scaler designed to generate regular linear tip movement at nominal 30 kHz and indicated for periodontal work.

US30m Ultrasonic Scaler
DBI America
Piezoelectric ultrasonic scaler for periodontal work.

US30em Ultrasonic Scaler
DBI America
Piezoelectric ultrasonic scaler indicated for periodontal scaling and endodontics.

BioSonic US100
Coltène Whaledent
Ultrasonic periodontal scaler featuring an automatic sensor circuit (ASC), which self-adjusts power to either 25- or 30-kHz inserts instantly.

Elitedent PS55EP
Rolence Enterprises
Piezoelectric ultrasonic scaler with line water and bottle reservoir system. Indicated for general and supragingival scaling, removing subgingival concrements, retrograde endodontics, and restorative dentistry.

AZ Ultrasonic
J. Morita USA
Piezoelectric ultrasonic scaler indicated for perio, endo, general scaling, and other dental applications.

BlisSonic Ergonomic Scaler
DentalEZ Group
Ergonomic ultrasonic air-powered scaler with four-hole attachment. Indicated for periodontal scaling.

Bonart Medical Technology
Compact-sized piezoelectric scaler.

Piezo Advantage Ultrascaler
Vista Dental Products
Vibration-free piezoelectric ultrasonic scaler with removable and autoclavable control covers.

Big Easy
Premier Dental Products
Scaler with ergonomic silicone grip and lightweight solid resin handle.

Spartan MTS, 220 VAC
Microprocessor-controlled piezoelectric ultrasonic scaler with two handpieces tailored for both general and specialty procedures.

Spartan MTS, 115V
Microprocessor-controlled piezoelectric ultrasonic system indicated for canal, isthmus, and retrograde preparations, post and crown removal, broken file retrieval, and lateral condensation.

Varios 750
NSK/Brasseler USA
Ultrasonic scaler indicated for periodontal scaling.

Varios 550
NSK/Brasseler USA
Compact ultrasonic scaler for all periodontal applications.

Mini Piezon
Electro Medical Systems - Dental
Compact piezo-ceramic ultrasonic unit indicated for canal preparation, post removal, isthmus preparation, retrograde preparation, post and crown removal, broken file retrieval, and lateral condensation.

EMS Piezon Master 600
Electro Medical Systems - Dental
Piezo-ceramic ultrasonic unit indicated for canal preparation, post removal, isthmus preparation, retrograde preparation, post and crown removal, broken file retrieval, and lateral condensation.

MiniEndo II
Sybron Dental Specialties
Compact ultrasonic scaler designed specifically for endodontic applications.

SonicFlex Airscaler
KaVo Dental
Endodontic air scaler indicated for a range of procedures including scaling, periodontics, mechanical root surface debridment, bacterial plaque and stain removal, retrograde root canal preparation, and micropreparation of lesions.

SP Newtron
Acteon North America (Satelec & Sopro companies)
Multipurpose ultrasonic generator that easily integrates into your delivery system.

P5 Newtron
Acteon North America (Satelec & Sopro companies)
Piezoelectric ultrasonic scaler for endodontic applications.

Mx Scaler
Ultrasonic, air-driven scaler for periodontal work, including scaling calculus and debris on natural dentition, implants, and composites.

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Buyer's Guide Update - - June 23, 2009
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