Escape the software trap by joining the hero movement.
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Escape the Software Trap.

Join the Hero Movement.

Escape the Software Trap
Buying dental supplies from a vendor does not mean they have to also be your software provider. That’s like having your local hardware store prepare your taxes too.

Likewise, your staff should not be burdened by administering servers and dealing with all of the hassles of software updates, hardware compatibility, and data backups. Instead, you deserve to equip your practice with a modern, reliable, well-supported and intuitive cloud solution like Curve Hero.
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Why Curve will be your hero.

  • A 100% cloud-based application means you no longer manage servers, updates or backups
  • An intuitive user interface saves time and your staff will love it
  • Manage your day with ease using customizable calendars, our revolutionary Sidekick navigation panel and the Who’s on Deck day-at-a-glance dashboard
  • Take the work out of patient forms with our fully integrated electronic Smartforms
  • With integrated online eligibility verification, you won't spend another minute on hold crossing your fingers!
  • Have questions or need help? We answer support calls in under 1 minute and resolve issues in less than 10 minutes!*
All we do at Curve is deliver the best practice management software - we won't try to sell you anything else!

Curve Hero software has helped over 23,000 dental professionals improve patient care and engagement, increase treatment acceptance, and significantly improve the efficiency of their practice. It’s no surprise that more and more practices are joining the Hero movement every day.
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*Support statistics are averages based on monthly Customer Care data.

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