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Is your practice management
system like an old clunker?


When you chose your practice management software years ago, it was all the rage ... and cloud-based solutions were futuristic. Boy, have things changed!

Old, server-based, in-office systems that you must continually tinker with are costing you as much as an old jalopy in your garage that digs deeper into your pockets every day (and often breaks down at the most inopportune times). Increasingly, maintenance costs, server issues, software patches, lack of functionality, and operating inefficiencies will slow you down. Meanwhile, thousands of practices are trading up, retiring their old clunker technology for the latest turbo-charged model.


Drive Curve Hero

Imagine driving a revolutionary, state-of-the art sports car that is always available, fueled up, and fine-tuned to precision. Better still, envision that your sports car is automatically exchanged for a new and better vehicle in your garage every week, during the night when you're asleep, and it's fueled and ready to go the next morning; so all you do is turn the key and enjoy the benefits of all of the latest technology. And should you have any questions or issues, every car is fully supported by the most professional and expert staff 24/7/365.

Imagine driving your practice with state-of-the-art Software as a Service (SaaS) -- no more servers, no more doing data backups, anywhere Internet access, continuous new features, and world-class customer support. Imagine a new and better way to run your practice.

Sound too good to be true? It's not… it's a reality with Curve Hero.

See for yourself… Click here to compare your clunker to Curve Hero.

Join the Hero Movement


Curve is offering BIG rebates to move to Curve Hero
from any on-premise, server-based system.

Let us show you how a move to Curve Hero
makes sense for your practice.

Call 1-888-910-4376 option 2
and mention Promo Code "CLUNKER"

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