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Parkell's NEW Predicta™ Bioactive products are dual cure, resin composites, that release fluoride, calcium and phosphate ions to stimulate mineral apatite formation and remineralization at the material-tooth interface. They deliver a unique combination of physical and chemical properties, and are dimensionally stable, with excellent strength, time-efficient handling, and optical characteristics close to those of natural teeth.

Predicta™ Bioactive Bulk:
    Clinical Versatility: Indicated for Class I, II, III, IV, and V restorations.
Unlimited depth of cure without any need for layering.
Ideal thixotropic viscosity for easy cavity adaptation.
Nano-filled for durability and optimized polishability for life-like aesthetic outcomes.
Predicta™ Bioactive Core:
    Contains Zirconia for enhanced cuttability.
Versatile non-slumping formulation ideal for post cementation and core build-up.
High flexural strength for strong, stable cores that last and resist flexing.
Highly radiopaque for easy identification.

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