iTero Element® 5D Plus Series
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The newest innovation is here - the iTero Element® Plus Series.
Introducing the iTero Element® 5D Plus imaging system in cart configuration. Discover benefits to diagnostic capabilities, productivity and workflow success!

A powerhouse of capabilities

  • Be faster and more productive
    Keep your practice productivity high with 20% less waiting time for your scan to process*
  • Enhanced visualization
    More detailed visualization and wider viewing angles for an unmatched experience
  • Right for today, ready for tomorrow
    Future-ready unit supporting you and your ever-expanding quality of care

State-of-the-art experience

  • Smooth Scanning
    Our smoothest scanning experience so you can scan every patient at every appointment
  • Designed for you
    Ergonomically designed to conform to you and how you work
  • Expertise in action
    20+ years of engineering expertise poured into a triumph of design – built to offer patients an exceptional experience

A technology you take with you

Introducing the iTero Element® 5D Plus imaging system in mobile configuration.**

  • An all-in-one, portable, medical-grade scanner
  • No footprint, thanks to VESA mounting
  • Same level of experience as for the cart configuration
  • Wand and computing unit sold and supported by Align Technology
  • Dedicated cabin-size trolley case
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iTero Innovations
* On average, with the iTero Plus Series as compared to the iTero Element 2 and iTero Element 5D imaging system, and based on scan processing time comparison of 40 Invisalign scans and 40 restorative scans with 3 prep teeth processed by the iTero Element 2/iTero Element 5D computing units and the iTero Element Plus Series computing unit.

** iTero Element Plus Series mobile configuration coming soon.

The iTero Element 5D Plus Series (excluding the iTero Element 5D Plus Lite configurations) requires the use of a full barrier sleeve and clip on vent cover for the United States.
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