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If you’re thinking about adding another location to your growing dental practice, what’s holding you back? Managing multiple teams? More costly equipment? Entangled operations? What if you could overcome the obstacles and start expanding your practice now?

We’d like to show you how Dentrix Ascend, a cloud-based practice management system, can help you efficiently expand your practice and operate as one business—all while saving time, increasing efficiency and providing top-notch clinical care.

    Easily see what’s going on in every office—even across town.
    Balance Schedule and provider workloads with one system.
    Centralize operations with a single software platform for all locations with clinical capabilities that meet your dentists’ needs.

See how the Smile Center of New Jersey Manages their multiple locations with Dentrix Ascend


Expand your practice with Dentrix Ascend.

Visit www.DentrixAscend.com/Multisite and request a consultation with one of our “Growth by Design” practice management professionals.

You could be expanding sooner than you think.

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