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You made the leap into starting multiple practice sites—a brave and forward-thinking move. But then COVID-19 hit.


Faced with this completely new landscape, you're likely trying to catch up on months' worth of cancelled appointments. Meanwhile, patients are expecting that your practices be as touchless as possible. And you have to be ready to adapt to the "new normal" without losing productivity.


Before COVID, you could get away with "cutting and pasting" your solo practice processes into your other sites, maintaining multiple programs and servers. It wasn't efficient or cost-effective to manage "silo" practices, but with extra hours and money you could make it work. But now it's essential that all your sites be on the same system and have instant access to all your practice data from any office, so you can address any contingency from anywhere.

One of the most effective technological steps you can take toward greater efficiency is to move to the cloud.


With Dentrix Ascend, the cloud-based practice management system by Henry Schein One, your staff can take care of administration, billing, scheduling, record keeping and other essential tasks from any office or from their homes. You can manage all your sites without travelling to them and without having to work with multiple systems.


And all your work is automatically saved and immediately accessible 24/7 from anywhere through a browser.


When you move to the cloud, you're not just shoring up your multisite practice; you're also laying the foundation for long-term success. You'll have the ability to add as many future sites as you wish—all of them seamlessly integrated, securely protected, constantly backed up and instantly accessible. Shared templates, processes and workflows across locations can help ease growing pains.


Dentrix Ascend and Henry Schein One have been helping multisite organizations for years. As you prepare for your move to the cloud, you'll want to ensure you can transition efficiently and productively. For more information on moving your practice to the cloud, download our free eBook,  Mapping Your Path to the Cloud , a 9-step guide to preparing your practice for a smooth, efficient transition.

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Dentrix Ascend from Henry Schein One is a leading cloud-based practice management system. With a modern interface and intuitive workflow, Dentrix Ascend includes features and functionality you need—including appointment reminders, electronic insurance claims, and more—to run a successful, modern practice. Backed by Henry Schein One, Dentrix Ascend can elevate your practice by helping you spend less time managing your practice and more time caring for your patients.

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