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Hello Doctor,

As a practicing Dentist, you're likely looking to keep up with the latest trends for growing your practice in 2022, so I'd like to offer you a free copy of my brand-new dental marketing book, Practice Growth for the Future-Focused Dentist (before we run out of the free copies).

After working with thousands of dentists in over 150 markets, building thousands of websites, and managing millions in advertising dollars, I have discovered a proven formula to marketing dental practices online, and distilled this information into an easy to read, brand-new book called Practice Growth for the Future-Focused Dentist.

I wrote Practice Growth For The Future-Focused Dentist to help you create a marketing system to achieve your remarkable & rewarding practice, whatever those two words mean to you...

...so you can double your revenue, open a new location, treat more high-ticket implant cases, and open up time to spend with your family.

Other doctors have paid thousands to learn what I will show you in this brand-new book.  I've bought the book for you, all I ask is that you implement the strategies and let me know how you are doing!!  Get your copy at no cost.

amazon dental book
Practice Growth for the Future-Focused Dentist is the second half of a journey you have already started.
Whether you’ve been practicing for 20 years, or just opened a new practice last week, you, like most other dental practice owners, are looking to take the next step: grow your practice without sacrificing time spent with patients and family. 
Inside Of This Brand-New, FREE BookYou'll Learn...
  • On page 33, the CRITICAL methodology to dental marketing that separates the dominating practices from the struggling practices...

  • On page 43, we reveal the biggest secret that 90% of practices miss (this ONE secret alone grew 1 dental practice from $1.2 million to $8 million)

  • How to create high-converting online ads, including EXACTLY what and where to post (in Chapter 6)

  • How to move more high-quality new patients from searching to booking & buying at your practice (in Chapter 7)

  • The 1 change to your marketing that will make it clear to your ideal patient that you are the best choice for them (in Chapter 8)

  • How to create a remarkable online reputation for your practice & turn it into new patients and revenue (in Chapter 11)

  • The simple, proven strategy to get more new patients out of your ad budget

  • The 3 essential parts to make more DELIBERATE patient conversions, so you can have predictable new patient flow & grow your practice with confidence

  • The 5 NECESSITIES in a marketing partner and the 5 RED FLAGS to avoid partnering with the wrong company 

  • How 1 dentist booked $137k in implant cases within 7 weeks with this brand new marketing method (in Chapter 20)

  • What they DIDN’T teach you in school about achieving a successful, remarkable and rewarding dental practice...

  • How to adopt a CEO mindset to shorten the learning curve and accelerate your success.

  • ...and that's just a sneak peak!

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If you’re getting pushed out by larger group practices, struggling to compete, or running tight margins due to greedy insurance companies, it’s not your fault.

Combating this, and marketing your practice effectively, isn’t taught in dental school and can take years to master. In fact, most “marketers” simply don’t understand most of this (likely including the last marketing company you hired).
Discover The ONLY Marketing Strategy You Need...PROVEN to Work
This book will provide you with an effecive, proven dental marketing strategy, (including never-before-shared methods, formulas, & insights) and will become one of the best guides you’ll likely ever use to grow your practice.
You will learn the tools and cutting edge strategy necessary to leverage your dental practice online, get found by high-quality new patients, and increase your practice income…considerably.
Practice Growth for the Future-Focused Dentist includes real world stories, from dentists that have been in your exact position, that used this strategy to attract high-quality new patients and increase their revenue. 

Order Practice Growth For The Future-Focused Dentist today to start on your path to achieving a practice that is rewarding to you and that everyone is talking about.

amazon dental book
The truth is…

OLD marketing strategies have dried up. They don't work anymore. This is a golden opportunity to make 2022 the year your marketing ACTUALLY WORKS by using cutting edge techniques.

What would a consistent flow of new patients & extra revenue do for your dental practice?

Would growing your practice finally make you PASSIONATE about dentistry again?

Let's face it, dentistry isn't getting any easier. Larger practices, bad insurance, rising overhead...it's becoming harder and harder to find and retain great new patients. Our book will lay it all out in layman's terms so that even non-tech-savvy dentists can use these strategies.
Yeah, but can you attract the RIGHT Patients?

And not your typical new patients who are ‘tire kickers’ with no money just calling to ‘shop around’.

These new patients wanted lucrative services such as single implants, multiple implants, veneers, smile makeovers, extractions, implants to replace dentures, root canals... you name it. To prove it, we’ve added real life new patient examples in the book.
...all this, WITHOUT actually hiring a high-priced marketing company?

Why are we sharing this? Personally, I think it should be a CRIME what some marketing companies tell dentists. It’s my personal MISSION to give REAL LIFE examples of exactly what is working RIGHT NOW to attract patients & increase revenue.

My books have been on the AMAZON BEST SELLER list for several months in a row, and named on Dentaltown as a “Must Read” by other dentists...you want to grab this brand-new book and start implementing these strategies before every dentist in your market gets their hands on it!
amazon dental book

Adam Zilko
Two-Time Best Selling Dental Author
CEO & Founder - Firegang Dental Marketing

PS. The competition is only getting stronger! Discovering these strategies may be your best shot at survival, so order your copy now!
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