Advertising Guidelines and General Information

This document is intended as a reference for you, our advertiser, or your agency. Each banner on our site has a specific set of requirements, depending on its placement. Please take the time to read the banner requirements as they relate to your specific banners. If you are not the person creating the banner, please pass along this information to the designer. Please submit your final banner or broadcast materials according to the following advertising specifications. If we notice that your artwork does not meet specification, we will notify you as soon as possible so that you can revise and re-submit.

Banner Specifications
Placement Dimensions in Pixels (WxH) Max Size (kb) Items Due
Site Banners 970x90 Super Leaderboard 200 GIF, JPG, PNG or HTML5

See animation options
300x250 Super LB Mobile 100
300x600 Half-Page 200 1
300x250 Half-Page Mobile 100
450x100 Inline 2 40
Newsletter and PopQuiz 3 728x90 Newsletter Leaderboard 80 GIF, JPG, or PNG
300x600 Newsletter Half-Page 200
450x100 Newsletter Mobile 40
450x100 Newsletter and PopQuiz Inline** 40
Broadcast Maximum width: 700 pixels 400 total HTML layout file
Subject line

1 We offer expandable super leaderboard and half-page banners. Initial load file size is 200kb. For user-initiated expansion, we allow an additional 300kb. Refer to layout pages for additional information.
2 No animation allowed.
3 Animation not recommended.

Deadlines and Schedules
Please respect the deadlines we give you. Our deadlines are designed to allow just enough time for review, testing, revision, and set up. We are committed to staying on schedule, and we ask that you make every effort to submit materials on time. We understand that things sometimes just don't work out as planned, and we will do our very best to help expedite matters on our end, if needed.

  • Banners: due 3 business days before start date
  • Broadcast materials: due 5 business days before broadcast date (8 business days if you are located outside of the United States.)

A few words about broadcast deadlines: We realize that advertisers have their own legal regulatory and internal review processes for broadcast mailers. This is outside the realm of our control, so please don't ask us to compromise our production or broadcast schedule. We want to work with you in hopes that we can stay on schedule: please go ahead and submit your materials to us anyway so we can get started. We will gladly make any legal/regulatory tweaks that you may have received after submitting materials to us. We guarantee your mailer is never broadcast without your final approval.

We coordinate dozens of broadcasts and hundreds of banners in any given week, each of which is scheduled per the advertising contract. Banners and broadcasts are limited in the inventory available and the dates offered. Once the run date is selected and agreed upon, the date is not changeable.

File Sizes and Formats
To ensure browser compatibility, we accept banners only in JPG, GIF, PNG or HTML5. We adhere to Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) file size limits to ensure that page load time is minimized for our members. If your banner doesn't meet the specifications, we'll return your artwork for revision, which may result in a delayed start date.

Materials Supplied by the Advertiser
Banners are used throughout our website and editorial broadcasts in a variety of placements. Depending on your banner's placement and size, the deliverable requirements will vary. You must supply the following general deliverables for each banner, details of your dimensions and special instructions are listed in each section.

  • Graphic file - Your graphic file must be in GIF, JPG, or PNG format. For HTML5 banners, this will serve as the alternate graphic.
  • Click URL - The URL is the destination website where readers will visit upon clicking your ad. This may be your home page, or a specific product promotion page. The URL will launch a new browser window.
  • Alternate text - This is the text that will appear when a viewer holds the mouse cursor over the alternate banner; it does not display with HTML5 ads. This is also the text that will appear if, for whatever reason, the reader's browser is unable to load images at the time the page is viewed. Please limit it to 90 characters. If you do not provide alternate text, we will use your company name.
Broadcasts are sent to our members who are subscribed. The advertiser or their agency supplies the message content, and our team publishes the broadcast on the advertiser's behalf.
  • HTML layout file - Your message layout file must be in its final format, and it must meet the specifications. Be sure to test it in multiple clients before submitting to us.
  • Subject line - 90 characters or less, please
  • List of proofers - Please supply email addresses, and indicate which person is authorized to provide final approval

Suggestions for Successful Banner Ads
Some banners perform better than others. Here are our best suggestions for maximizing your banner's click rates.

  • Consider your advertising goal. If you are primarily spreading the word about your presence at an upcoming trade show, include the conference name and your booth number in addition to your company name, logo, and/or product line.
  • Include an explicit call-to-action, such as "Click to learn more" or "Schedule a demo."
  • Keep it fresh. We encourage you to update your banners on a regular basis. Changing your banners up on a monthly or quarterly basis is a reasonable time frame for you to determine whether your banners are working, or if you should tweak the content to generate more clicks.
As a courtesy to our advertisers, our Technical Operations team will notify you in advance of your banner requirements and deadline. If, for whatever reason, you don't hear from us by the time you're ready to work on your banner, please contact us at It's important that you communicate with us using the address; this is a distribution list maintained by our Technical Operations team who is here to assist advertisers during normal Arizona business hours. It is up to you — or your agency — to ensure that your banner meets the specifications and is submitted on time. Please don't hesitate to ask questions if you don't understand something in the specifications. We want your banner to meet spec and go live on time as much as you do.

Submitting Your Materials
We accept the following file types: HTM, HTML, GIF, JPG, PNG, SIT, TXT, ZIP. We do not accept self-extracting files. Please submit any ad inquiries or materials to our mailing list to ensure a quick response.

Material Content
We reserve the right to reject any banner or broadcast for any reason, at our sole discretion. In case of this rare occurrence, we will make the banner inactive while we attempt to contact you to correct the issue.

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