Editorial Newsletters

Editorial newsletters are distributed on a regular basis to our members who opt to receive them. These broadcasts include "Letter from the Editor" and "Community Insider Newsletters" and "PopQuiz." Content is written by our editorial team, and the sponsor is responsible for supplying the accompanying banner(s).

Editorial newsletter sponsorship
Editorial newsletters include a variety of broadcasts, where available; the Letter from the Editor (usually abbreviated "LFTE"), the PopQuiz, and the community newsletters. All editorial newsletters are published in an HTML format, with a link to an online version available to members who cannot view HTML-formatted email.

Animation requirements
Animated GIFs are acceptable (for non-inline banners only), however, we do not recommend using animated GIFs because some mail clients have security settings which prevent animation from displaying within email messages. If you choose to use animated GIF, please be aware that all animation must stop within 15 seconds. For more information on this issue, please click here.

PopQuiz banner positioning
PopQuiz sponsorship provides a 450x100 inline.


Letter from the Editor banner positioning - two layout options:

Option #1: Letter from the Editor 728x90 Leaderboard
Inline Ad

Option #2: Letter from the Editor 450x100 inline Inline Ad

Editorial Insider banner positioning - three layout options:

Option #1: Editorial Insiders 728x90 Leaderboard
Leaderboard Banner

Option #2: Editorial Insiders 300x600 Half-Page
Half-Page Banner

Option #3: Editorial Insiders 450x100 inline
Inline Banner