Inline Banners

Inline banners are intermixed with stories on our front page and other news sections, and are used in some editorial broadcasts. We suggest you test different ad messages and layouts to see what works best for your marketing message. We offer options for testing your advertising campaigns. For each banner, you are required to submit the following materials to

  • Graphic file - We accept GIF, JPG, or PNG format. If you are using our most popular inline banner -- graphic only-- your static graphic file must be 450x100 pixels, and no larger than 40kb. If you are using an article-like inline, your static graphic must be 400x400 pixels (we will resize), and no larger than 40kb.
  • Click URL - The URL is the destination website where readers will visit upon clicking your banner. This may be your home page, or a specific product promotion page. The URL will launch a new browser window.
  • Alternate text - This is the text that will appear when a viewer holds the mouse cursor over the graphic. This is also the text that will appear if the browser is unable to load images at the time the page is viewed. Please limit alternate text to 90 characters. If you do not provide alternate text, we will use your company name.
  • Ad text - For article-like inline only. You may send us pre-formatted HTML, or you may send us plain text to format it for you. In an effort to mimic our standard article brief, the maximum character count is 60 for the headline, and 200 for the body.

Inline with graphic only

Article-like inline with thumbnail and text

Headline should be 60 characters or less
This text should be less than 200 characters. Vestibulum rutrum sit amet nisl vel viverra. Aenean posuere dapibus tempor. Nullam ornare, ultrices eleifend, ullamcorper est, sit amet efficitur magna.
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Sample Desktop Layout
Inline Graphic Ad Example

Sample Mobile Layout
Inline Graphic Ad Example