By Tony Edwards, editor in chief

June 9, 2017 -- During spring 2017, new products ranging from a topical anesthetic gel to dentures and scalers were introduced. Here is our roundup of new products from Vita North America, Komet USA, Premier Dental Products, and other companies.

Anesthesia & pain management

Cetylite adds new flavor to topical gel line

Pharmaceutical manufacturer Cetylite has debuted a new mint flavor for its topical anesthetic gel.

Cetacaine topical anesthetic gel is indicated for anesthesia treatment of accessible mucous membranes, according to the company. The gel is applied with a cotton swab or microbrush directly to the site.

Cetacaine topical anesthetic gel
Cetacaine topical anesthetic gel. Image courtesy of Cetylite.

Parkell launches dentin desensitizer

Dental supply manufacturer Parkell has introduced a new dentin desensitizer.

The PainFree gel offers relief in 30 seconds from painful cold stimuli, according to the company. The gel has a thick consistency and seals a tooth's open dentinal tubules with a penetrating tripolymer formulation.

PainFree gel
PainFree gel in syringes. Image courtesy of Parkell.


Tooth from the Vitapan Excell line
A single tooth from the Vitapan Excell line. Image courtesy of Vita North America.

Vita debuts new denture line

Vita North America has launched a new line of dentures.

The Vitapan Excell line of teeth is made of microfiller-reinforced polymer composite material and can be used for full, partial, and implant-retained anterior dentures. The line comes in a variety of molds, shapes, and colors.

Vitapan Excell denture teeth are available in 11 Vita 3D-Master shades and 15 Vita classical A1-D4 shades.


Komet adds course-grit diamonds

Komet USA has added to its ZR Diamonds line with two new course-grit diamonds designed for gross contouring ceramic restorations, including zirconium dioxide.

ZR6801.FG.023 is a round bur designed for targeted, quick adjustments on occlusal surfaces, modifying chamfers, and creating endodontic access cavities.

ZR6805.FG.018 is an inverted cone diamond designed for occlusal adjustments, particularly in pits and fissures.


Confadent launches new chewing gum

Confadent Oral Technology has launched a new peppermint-flavored, sugar-free chewing gum.

Confadent chewing gum provides gum protection and plaque reduction while freshening breath and whitening teeth, according to the company. The gum is available on and the company's website.

Confadent gum
Confadent gum. Image courtesy of Confadent Oral Technologies.

StellaLife debuts oral care system

StellaLife has launched a system of oral care products for recovery after dental surgery.

The Vega oral care system contains a gel, rinse, and recovery kit that includes a spray. The gel is applied topically, the rinse is an antimicrobial mouthwash, and the spray can be applied sublingually. The products are designed to accelerate healing while reducing pain, swelling, and bruising.

The products can be used after both surgical and nonsurgical procedures, such as implant placements, scaling and root planing, extractions, and more.

Vega oral care system
The Vega oral care system. Image courtesy of StellaLife.


Brasseler adds titanium scalers and curettes

Dental and surgical instrument manufacturer Brasseler USA has added new titanium scalers and curettes to its ImplantPro line.

The ImplantPro Titanium 204S scaler has thinner, shorter blades with less curvature than a traditional 204S scaler, and the four ImplantPro titanium curettes have elongated terminal shanks and thin, short blades to reduce tissue distension and ease subgingival insertion, according to the company.

ImplantPro scalers and curette
The ImplantPro scalers and curettes. Image courtesy of Brasseler USA.

Komet debuts new crown cutter

Komet USA has debuted a new crown cutter to aid in removing adhesive-bonded, ceramic restorations.

The 4ZRS Jackie crown cutter is 4-mm long and has a tapered working end. It can be used on zirconia and other ceramic materials to create lingual, occlusal, and buccal seam joints, according to the company.

4ZRS Jackie crown cutter
The 4ZRS Jackie crown cutter. Image courtesy of Komet USA.

Komet launches composite polisher

Komet USA has launched its new Footsie composite polishers with thick ends that resemble feet.

Footsies are designed with a spiral shape to prevent breaking and give composite restorations a shiny finish. The polisher can be used on all tooth surfaces and types of restorations, including occlusal, buccal, lingual, and interproximal restorations. Footsies can also be sterilized and reused.

Footsie composite polishers
Footsie composite polishers. Image courtesy of Komet USA.

Premier adds pit-and-fissure sealant

Premier Dental Products has introduced a new bioactive resin pit-and-fissure sealant.

BioCoat is a heavily filled resin sealant that protects against marginal gaps by offering low-polymerization shrinkage. The product can be light-cured.

The sealant is designed to continuously release fluoride and remineralization ions which strengthens enamel and seals margins, according to Premier.

BioCoat sealant
BioCoat sealant. Image courtesy of Premier.

Shofu launches hybrid composite

Materials and equipment company Shofu Dental has launched a hybrid composite formulated to minimize polymerization shrinkage and shrinkage stress for all classes of restorations. Beautifil II LS (low shrink) demonstrates volumetric shrinkage of 0.85% and polymerization shrinkage stress of 2.72 MPa, according to the company.

The product is produced in 14 dentin and enamel shades and is available in 4.5-gram syringes, 20 x 0.25-gram tips, and a value introductory kit.

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