5 reasons you need the cloud for practice growth

By Dan Easty, DrBicuspid.com contributing writer

September 1, 2021 -- Whether you're growing from one location to two or expanding to 10 practices or beyond, it's critical to put standardized systems in place. Investing in the right cloud-based practice management software gives you the flexibility you need to be successful.

“For any business, scalability is one of the hardest things to do. Creating systems is a must. Without systems, you'll have a bottleneck, and Fuse allows me to take away that bottleneck and really see everything.”
— Dr. David Park, Clear Lakes Dental

Here are five reasons to move your practice to the cloud.

1. A stellar patient experience

Patients should have the same experience no matter which location they visit. If they go to one office for their hygiene appointments and another for restorative work, they shouldn't have to fill out forms again. With centralized cloud-based software, that isn't an issue. All patient information -- from x-rays to treatment plans to insurance -- is easily accessible from all locations.

This is especially key during emergency visits, said Dr. David Park, who owns Clear Lakes Dental in St. Paul, MN, and has been using Fuse for over a year. There's no need to create a new patient record when someone goes to a different location with an emergency. Instead of patients spending 20 to 30 minutes filling out paperwork while they're in pain, a dentist can see them right away.

And because the software standardizes everything, dentists and team members can spend more time on what matters most -- providing exceptional patient care.

"The software makes our jobs 10 times easier, so we can get the patient in sooner. There isn't a barrier to entry for the patient. It's just a lot smoother," said Park, who currently operates three locations but has plans to expand to many more. "It frees up our time so we can provide better service."

Fuse software saves Park one to two hours each day
Fuse software saves Park one to two hours each day.

2. Standardized practice systems for improved business processes

Just as creating a consistent patient experience is crucial for success, so is developing standardized processes. You don't want every practice scheduling or billing in different ways. With Fuse, for example, insurance and billing can be processed in the same way from one screen for all office locations. Having everything centralized and uniform across practices makes it easy to collaborate, and for team members to step in at different locations when needed.

"Most importantly for me, I can maintain standards in scheduling," Park said. "I can go in and see how the practices are scheduling, if they're keeping in line with what's important, and if they're over- or underfilling the schedule. I don't have to call the manager at another practice to ask what the schedule is like. This way, the schedule feels like less of a burden, with everything available at the touch of a finger."

3. Connectivity anytime and anywhere

A cloud-based platform provides the ability to centralize reporting, scheduling, and patient data across locations. All practice data can be accessed anywhere there's an internet connection -- be it a front desk computer, chairside tablet, your living room, or your vacation home. Team members can view all location data at once or toggle between practice locations and quickly locate a patient's entire treatment history, notes, and financial account in the cloud system.

With Fuse, users can seamlessly navigate to find what they need, with the ability to see patients' full clinical history in a simple timeline that includes patient conditions, treatment plans, perio exams, images, and clinical notes, forms, and documents. Smart Screens offer the ability to view, filter, and act on patient and practice data in real-time and from a single screen. The Insurance Smart Screen in Fuse allows you to manage your entire insurance workflow -- submitting claims, correcting claim alerts, tracking claim status, handling electronic remittance advice (ERA), and applying bulk payments -- all from one screen.

Fuse practice management software
Fuse practice management software.

4. Ease in tracking KPIs

The centralized database makes it easy to track business performance metrics, allowing you to look at practice data holistically or zero in on specific locations or doctors in as much detail as you want. There's no need to spend time pulling data or running reports, which can be tedious, because everything is available in an easy-to-use dashboard. This allows you to make critical data-driven decisions about your practices quickly.

With Fuse, key performance indicators (KPIs) including Accounts Receivable Balance, Schedule Utilization, Gross Production, Collections, and more are at your fingertips in the Practice At A Glance dashboard. Because all information is stored in one system, you can count on data integrity. Rather than multiple people entering information into the database, it's all standardized -- and that means you can rest assured your data are clean and reliable.

“When we expand even further, through our franchises, I think it's going to be one of the biggest tools for each franchisee owner. It's a no-brainer to choose Fuse.”
— Dr. David Park, Clear Lakes Dental

5. Fewer products to manage

Cloud-based practice management software minimizes the number of solutions you need to invest in to support your locations and the complications that might come with them. Having fewer add-ons and fewer technology partners simplifies your business and your processes. And if you partner with a reputable company that offers exceptional support, you'll get answers quickly when questions come up, rather than having to reach out to multiple companies for help.

The bottom line

No matter how many locations you add, solutions like Fuse will grow with you. You'll never have to change software because you want to adjust your business model or add more locations. Fuse is a flexible, scalable solution you can depend on, no matter what direction you decide to take your business.

Learn more about how Fuse can help your practice grow.

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