2019 Legal Analysis of Workplace Sexual Harassment in a Dental Setting
You will receive 2 credit(s) of continuing education credit upon successful completion of this course.

Because of the proximity of the patients with dental team members, sexual harassment is an important topic for every dental professional to understand.  This course describes the differences in the types of sexual harassment. It also discusses who is a potential victim of sexual harassment and what to do if the participant becomes a victim.

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Roger Adams, JD, MBA

Roger Adams, JD, MBA, is an experienced dental educator, a licensed attorney and has almost 20 years of dental education experience.  He provides sound advice on how to protect dental practices from violations of law and other compliance-related topics.  

For over a decade, Mr. Adams has served as the director of education for DrBicuspid.com.  

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this course the participant will be able to:

  1. Clearly define sexual harassment,
  2. Distinguish between the three types of sexual harassment,
  3. Describe potential victims of sexual harassment,
  4. Identify steps to take when becoming a victim of sexual harassment.



There are three types of sexual harassment. Each differs depending on who is doing the harassing and the extent of the harassment taking place. Victims come from every gender, race, age, culture, education, etc. There are very clear steps that should be taken to ensure the victim has the support needed to end the harassment.




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  1. Sexual Harassment Statistics
    1. Survey of Virginia Dental Workers
  2. Liability Standards
  3. What is Sexual Harassment? - Quid Pro Quo
  4. What is Sexual Harassment? - Work Place Relationships
  5. What is Sexual Harassment? - Hostile Environment:
    1. Sex Role Stereotyping
    2. Individual Targeted Abuse
    3. Criminal Touching
  6. Who Can be Classified as Victims
  7. Can a Patient be Sued for Sexual Harassment?
  8. What to Do lf You Have Been Sexually Harassed


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