Case #827: 40-year-old woman with lesion   
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Our appreciation is extended to Dr. Juan Yepes, Indiana University School of Dentistry Department of Pediatric Dentistry and Riley Hospital for Children, for contributing this case.

History: A 40-year-old woman was referred to the endodontist by her family dentist to evaluate a lesion located at the periapical area of tooth #30. The woman was asymptomatic. She did not report paresthesia, and there was no history of trauma.

Her past medical history included seasonal allergies and a recent COVID-19 infection.

The extraoral and intraoral exams were within normal limits. There was no tooth mobility. The endodontist ordered a cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) scan. Below is a sagittal and axial view of the tooth. Click to enlarge the images.