Kool Smiles touts uncompensated dental care program

By DrBicuspid Staff

April 7, 2016 -- Dental service organization (DSO) Kool Smiles announced that it has provided more than $100 million in uncompensated dental care since 2005.

More than 1 million patients without access to Medicaid dental benefits or other dental insurance, or who were unable to pay, have received dental care through the organization, according to the company. Kool Smiles is the largest DSO in the U.S. serving children on Medicaid.

"Throughout the past decade, Kool Smiles dentists have remained true to our mission of providing a dental home to every family who needs one," stated Dale Mayfield, DMD, chief dental officer, in a press release. "We feel it's our moral and professional obligation to provide uncompensated care in these instances, so that all patients receive the dental care they need."

The organization has more than 120 affiliated dental practices in 15 states and the District of Columbia.

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