Zentist unveils dental EOB automation software

By DrBicuspid.com staff writers

March 30, 2022 -- Automated dental insurance claims processing software developer Zentist has introduced Remit AI, an artificial intelligence (AI)-based explanation-of-benefits (EOB) automation software application.

Designed to automate the gathering and consolidation of insurance payments, Remit AI logs on to patient insurance portals and collects EOB and electronic remittance advice information from dozens of dental payers. AI parses and organizes data from multiple sources into a standardized format for payment posting and historical referencing, Zentist said.

As a result, dental practices and dental service organizations can manage all insurance logins and EOBs from a single dashboard, Zentist said.

Zentist launches AI-powered pilot program
Automated dental insurance claims processing platform Zentist has launched a financial prefunding pilot program using artificial intelligence (AI).

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