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Survey: What do dentists really think of DSOs?
November 20, 2019 -- Dental service organizations (DSOs) aren't going away and are a part of our industry's present and future. But what do dentists really think about them? The results of a new survey reveal some interesting statistics, including some changing feelings and opinions dentists have.  Discuss
Dental assistant sues after fired for protesting lack of breaks
November 18, 2019 -- A dental assistant in Oregon who claims she was fired for complaining about having to work long hours without breaks, aggravating her diabetes, is suing her former employer and others for $3 million, according to news reports.  Discuss
Mid-Atlantic Dental expands with new DSO acquisition
October 21, 2019 -- Dental support organization (DSO) Mid-Atlantic Dental Partners has acquired DentalOne Partners from Dental Investments in an all-cash deal.
3 largest DSOs add practices
October 15, 2019 -- In's latest list of the largest dental service organizations (DSOs) in the U.S., the three largest ones have continued to add affiliated practices. Heartland Dental, Aspen Dental, and Pacific Dental have all added about 40 practices since the last list was published in April 2019.  Discuss
U.S. Oral Surgery Management enters Tenn. market
October 8, 2019 -- Management services company U.S. Oral Surgery Management has announced a partnership with an oral and maxillofacial surgery practice in Tennessee.
DSO Gentle Dental adds practice in Mass.
October 2, 2019 -- Dental service organization (DSO) Gentle Dental has added a new practice in Massachusetts to its network of affiliates.
Video from ADA 2019: Dayna Johnson on solo practices' bright future
September 12, 2019 -- We hear a lot about the growth of dental service organizations (DSOs), but recent statistics indicate that less than 10% of dentists in the U.S. practice at DSOs. That so many dentists are solo practitioners is one reason Dayna Johnson, founder of Novonee, believes these practices have a bright future. She spoke with at the 2019 ADA FDI World Congress about this and other topics.  Discuss
U.S. Oral Surgery Management expands Ga. reach
September 11, 2019 -- Management services company U.S. Oral Surgery Management has announced a second partnership in Georgia.
42 North Dental adds new practices
September 10, 2019 -- Dental service organization 42 North Dental has added new dental practices in Massachusetts to its network of affiliates.
Brace yourself: The surgeon general's report is coming
September 6, 2019 -- SAN FRANCISCO - The first U.S. surgeon general's report on oral health in 20 years is coming out in 2020. Top U.S. dental leaders spoke about why the report will be essential reading for all dental professionals at the 2019 ADA FDI World Dental Congress.  Discuss