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Taub launches crown and bridge remover
April 20, 2016 -- Dental consumables manufacturer Taub Products has launched Impulse, a medical-grade stainless steel crown and bridge remover.  Discuss
Second Opinion: ADA supports competition, except in dentistry
April 19, 2016 -- In this Second Opinion, Dr. Steven Krauss asks an important question about healthcare insurance, competition, and the ADA's approach to both. Dr. Krauss wonders why competition is important in one area and not in others.  Discuss
Application for dental technician awards now available
April 19, 2016 -- The Society for Color and Appearance in Dentistry is accepting applications for two awards for dental technicians.  Discuss
Dentists make too much money
April 13, 2016 -- Everyone wants to know what is coming next. In this Second Opinion, Dr. Benjamin Burris would like to see increased access to care and better service for patients. He also sees that increased competition and market disruption are almost inevitable, unless dentists do a better job of policing themselves and serving their patients.  Discuss
USC gets $2.1M grant for stem cell research
April 13, 2016 -- The University of Southern California (USC) Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry has received a $2.1 million grant for stem cell research.  Discuss
Vertex-Dental offers 3D printing materials for long-term use
April 8, 2016 -- Vertex-Dental has introduced its new NextDent 3D line of printing materials, which make it possible to use 3D printed materials for long-term applications.  Discuss
Dos and don'ts for increasing revenue: Get serious about cosmetic dentistry
April 4, 2016 -- The current cosmetic dentistry market is estimated at $4 billion in the U.S. Patients want their teeth and smiles to look as attractive as possible, and they're willing to spend a considerable amount of money to reach that goal. This represents a tremendous opportunity for dentists to increase revenue and income, notes Dr. Roger P. Levin in his latest Practice Success tip.  Discuss
Mouthguard awareness tops facial protection month
April 1, 2016 -- Five oral health organizations are teaming up to raise awareness about mouthguards for National Facial Protection Month in April.  Discuss
Digital workflow and impression making
March 29, 2016 -- As with many practices, Dr. Meena Barsoum's orthodontic patients used to wrestle with impression making. Some patients feared the messy, uncomfortable process, and sometimes it had to be repeated, creating a disappointing experience for the patient. Now, the digital workflow has changed this process. He walks you through the evolution of this workflow and explains how it has increased his case acceptance.  Discuss
FTC weighs in on Ky. denturists bill
March 28, 2016 -- The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has commented on proposed legislation in Kentucky that would license and regulate denturists in the state.  Discuss
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