Dentist again tops U.S. News jobs list
January 11, 2017 -- Being a dentist is again the best job in the U.S., according to the list of the 100 Best Jobs of 2017 by U.S. News & World Report.  Discuss
Portable sleep apnea device gets FDA clearance
January 11, 2017 -- Medical device company ResMed has received U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) clearance for its AirMini portable continuous positive airway pressure device.  Discuss
OrthoAccel announces CEO resignation, $15M in financing
January 11, 2017 -- Medical device company OrthoAccel Technologies has announced that Michael K. Lowe will step down as CEO, and it has raised $15 million in new equity financing.  Discuss
New product: TJA Health launches mouthrinse
December 16, 2016 -- TJA Health has introduced a new remineralizing and whitening mouthrinse.  Discuss
Can sleep telemedicine clinics boost your practice?
December 5, 2016 -- Dentists increasingly are finding themselves on the front line of obstructive sleep apnea detection and treatment, writes Dr. Joseph Krainin of Singular Sleep. He offers some advice on how to answer your patients' questions about obstructive sleep apnea and sleep dentistry and also discusses what guidelines should you be familiar with.  Discuss
Huron Capital adds new affiliates in Va.
November 29, 2016 -- Huron Capital Partners announced that its portfolio company, Spring & Sprout Dental Holdings, has added two affiliates in Virginia.  Discuss
Can laser therapy accelerate orthodontic tooth movement?
November 28, 2016 -- Dental crowding is an issue in much of the U.S. population, but lengthy treatment time leads some patients to dismiss leveling and alignment treatments. Low-light laser therapy may be a safe method to speed up the process, according to a new study.  Discuss
Propel files petition against OrthoAccel patent
November 22, 2016 -- Propel Orthodontics has filed a petition against an OrthoAccel Technologies patent for vibrating orthodontic devices.  Discuss
Taub updates Liquid Magic resin barrier
November 22, 2016 -- Taub Products has updated its Liquid Magic resin barrier product for implant and cosmetic dentistry.  Discuss
New product: Microbrush launches moisture-control product
November 18, 2016 -- Dental accessories manufacturer Microbrush International has introduced a new moisture-control product, Reflective DryTips.  Discuss
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What should you tell your patients when they ask if whitening toothpastes are effective? Are claims that they remove tooth stains or whiten teeth substantiated? To find out if toothpastes live up to the marketing hype, researchers reviewed the existing literature comparing the effects of whitening and regular toothpastes. Read more.

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