Practice Management
The damage stress can cause in your practice
January 25, 2019 -- Mistakes and accidents happen in a dental practice -- even yours. Some of these mistakes might be simple human error, but others may be caused by stress. Practice management consultant Jen Butler details some of the consequences stress may have on a dental practice.  Discuss
CAMBRA gets an update for its 21st anniversary
January 24, 2019 -- A little more than two decades ago, John Featherstone, PhD, set out to create a one-page tool to prevent caries. The result, caries management by risk assessment (CAMBRA) has come to redefine how the newest generation of dentists think about dental decay.  Discuss
A way to talk with your patients about nutrition
January 23, 2019 -- The awareness by practitioners and patients of the importance of proper nutrition in maintaining oral health may be growing, but actually talking with your patients about their nutrition can be a difficult conversation. In his latest column, periodontist Dr. Alvin Danenberg offers a way to make these conversations a little easier.  Discuss
Do's and don'ts for keeping control of inventory
January 22, 2019 -- As a dental practice leader, you must always be in control of your inventory. Having too much inventory can lead to high overhead and low revenue, while a shortage can negatively affect your daily business tasks. Taking time to ensure that your practice has the proper inventory levels will help increase practice success, Dr. Roger P. Levin notes in his latest Practice Success tip.  Discuss
Time to update your CDT codes
January 18, 2019 -- The beginning of a new year signifies change and refocus for many people in their personal lives. This period of change also should be recognized in your practice when it comes to which Codes on Dental Procedures and Nomenclature (CDT) you are using, writes practice management consultant Teresa Duncan. She offers a timely reminder that using inactive codes can be costly to your practice.  Discuss
DSOs, private equity, and the future: An interview with Michael Roub
January 16, 2019 -- The past six months has seen continued growth in the dental service organization (DSO) market, including some major acquisitions and milestones. To get a sense of where these organizations are going, interviewed Michael Roub, managing partner at Inflection 360, who has run a DSO and now helps private equity firms and healthcare companies find and complete mergers and acquisitions.  Discuss
3 things I wish I knew when starting my implant center
January 16, 2019 -- When Dr. Edward Harsini started his implant clinic, he knew it would not be an easy task. Three successful years later, he can help you avoid the mistakes he made, whether you are in the implant field or not. In this Second Opinion, he shares some key information he wishes he knew when he was starting out.  Discuss
Blind Spots: How to improve your treatment acceptance rates
January 15, 2019 -- Many of consultant Jan Keller's clients ask why their treatment acceptance rates are so low. In most cases, she writes, the answer is simple: It's because you are probably talking at your patients instead of with them. She offers practical ideas to improve your practice's acceptance rates.  Discuss
Infographic: Top 5 small cities for new dentists
January 14, 2019 -- If you're a newly minted dentist, you're probably excited to start practicing the skills you worked so hard to master in school. But doing so may be easier in some cities than others, especially if you have quite a bit of student loan debt.  Discuss
Do's and don'ts for bad days: Turn a bad day around
January 14, 2019 -- Dentists have bad days sometimes, but they must exercise good self-control at the office, keeping negative feelings to themselves, advises Dr. Roger P. Levin. Otherwise, the experience of everyone at the practice -- patients as well as staff -- will be less pleasant.  Discuss
What's your practice worth?
The average current value of a practice is . How much is your practice worth? Find out now!